Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm starting a small group/bible study type thing, y'all. If you knew me any time before 2005, you'd know how amusing and cool this is.

I'm excited because it came out of a long time desire of mine to do something like this but only because of a Facebook post from a friend that said something like, "I need to find a bible study." I wrote back "If you're serious, let's do this!" So she and I kind of spurred this idea on. I sent out an email to my local peeps. Which is nerve wracking. Have you ever been invited to a bible study? I have. Many times. Most of these invitations never seemed inviting. They seemed more like "I dare you to say no, sinner." Well, they probably didn't have anything like that in their intention. But I've always perceived them that way. In the past, I mean.

Anyway, I was nervous because I can't stand holy rollers knocking on my door on Saturday mornings. I don't like snotty tight-backed people inviting me to a bible study or whatever. I used to hate them (bible studies, I mean). And this was back when I was attending a Christian college and supposedly on track with God. Gah. Hated this kind of stuff.

So asking people to join a small group/bible study is not my thing. I figure, well, put out the invite. Let God do the rest. I asked God to make sure the right people got here.

Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly), I got a lot of yes replies! Which is even more horrifying on a completely DIFFERENT level. I have to pick up the vomitous cornucopia of toys that is my downstairs!!

I'm psyched. Especially because this isn't associated to one church or denomination. We'll see who God brings in. It's an open format so I think the attendees will pretty much drive the direction God takes us.


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Happy Birthday, Texas

Today is Texas Independence Day. I only know this because I work for a state agency that gives this as a skeleton crew day. I'll take any crazy holiday they want to give me. Time off is why I love working for the state!

This morning, BigBro saw me updating my Facebook status to say "Happy Birthday, Texas. You're lookin' good for 175!"

BigBro: "175? Texas isn't its own country anymore, you know."
Me: "Don't tell a TEXAN that!"

Happy Birthday, Texas. Glad to know yah.