Thursday, June 16, 2011

Update on the Tourette's

A quick note to answer another wonderful TS mom, Andrea.

Yes, Andrea. I consider the TS gone. I didn't for a long time. BigBro has considered it gone for quite a while. I haven't seen a tic in, I can't even remember. His anxiety is such a non-issue, I would consider it gone, too. He will have moments of worry now and then but they seem very normal and appropriate for his age. So I'm calling that gone.

The thing I've been seeing lately is a severe distractibilty. Is that a word? I recently caught a piece of a PBS documentary on adult ADD. So many of the stories reminded me of adults in my life. I imagine many of us are running around with ADD and have no idea. I kind of think that's a good thing. But BigBro has been just off the charts distracted lately. And when I saw that PBS show with stories of adults that sounded just like him, I've been wondering. When he was diagnosed back at the age of 6 (4.5 yrs ago), she ruled out ADHD. So not sure.

I'm not a huge fan of the over use of ADD in the pediatric diagnosis world. So I'm not running to a doctor to say, Hey, do you think he has ADD? The documentary also pointed out that most ADD adults are also the ones on the creative cutting edge. They are the boundary-less cliff jumpers, of sorts. They said, most of the amazing progress in the world wasn't done by the people who stayed safely away from the edge of the cliff. BigBro is crazy creative and does many things outside the box. I'd rather leave him there. He's not unhappy. He is still unaware of any weird looks he may get. He has a good number of solid friends that I think are on their way to being amazing people.

He still has fuzzy social boundaries. But for every kid that walks away, there are about 3 that stay.

So yes, I will claim it as one of the many miracles God has done for this boy - starting from in the womb. I know God has put him here for something big. I've seen BigBro already affecting people's lives with God's love. And that may be the something big. I'll take it!

Thanks for asking, Andrea!

Friday, June 03, 2011


What is the point of this poem so bland?
Or is it rather the look of the land
around it, that envelops its beauty sincere
that is plain around the heart of happiness and tears?
Poets are artists, and are mostly true.
But those who write fiction will still never do
less than the ones who write truth at its greatest
nor will ones that came first be worse than the latest.
Need I say more? I may not, but i will.
For the epics and beauty of poems give thrill!
Happiness emitted. Inducing tears.
All for the beautiful and sincere!
Happiness to villains. Tears of joy.
Poems are not just readable toys;
They are works of art that can't be beaten
as good as grass to be grown and ham to be eaten!
And on that happy note, i hereby will finish
my ode. And as the memories diminish
Always see that to the heart, poems are true
and anything that is not will just never do.

BigBro reading Calvin & Hobbes at our favorite pizza joint.