Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Missing Teeth

Quick update: The Boy still has the same number of teeth today that he had yesterday. So that's cool. His lip is still swollen a whole 24 hrs later. It's slightly bruised, too. That one tooth that took the brunt of the fall? It's loose. So he has two loose teeth - one naturally and one not-so-naturally. The gum where his missing front teeth are is totally bruised and dark purple. I'm hoping that his permanent tooth that is still up there didn't get damaged by this fall.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Face Plants, GodTube and Teachers

Today's Tourette's Tidbit - Oh it's been broughten!
When your kid is a genius, you have to measure everything that you casually toss out of your mouth. I don't know why I haven't learned this in the 7+ years I've been a mom. But the point was very calmly made by The Boy at dinner tonight.

I was at Luby's with my parents and kids tonight (kids eat free on Wednesdays - I am officially a dorky mom). A fun dinner out after a long day of unpacking (just chipping the tip of the unpacking iceberg...gack!). I was telling my mom about a long phone conversation I had earlier with The Boy's teacher. I was trying to tell my mom that I had mentioned to the teacher that The Boy had Tourette's. I was trying to tell my mom in a way that didn't insult The Boy since he believes that he doesn't have Tourette's any more. And I'm more than happy to let him believe that because, hey, it's hardly there. Why worry? I think I said something like, " I told her that The Boy used to have Tourette's," (insert knowing sly smile which mom understood). I went on to tell mom that the teacher had mentioned that she saw no signs of Tourette's and I was happy about that.

Well, I was all pleased and smug with how clever I had been in telling my mom in such an unoffensive way. Yah. Well, I keep forgetting that The Boy is not ordinary like me. He very calmly informed my mother and me that he would like us to not discuss Tourette's in front of him any more. Because, when we do, it makes him think about it and he feels like his tics want to start.

Doh! So I said, ok...good to know. It's a deal, ok? He was fine with that and went on eating his multi-colored Jello. I felt like a dork. But I also found that some very interesting bit of information. If I just stop mentioning it or pointing it out, would that help? I mean, if the tics are hardly noticeable, am I keeping the symptoms alive by talking about it? I've always wanted to just talk about it like it was no big deal so he would see that it's nothing to be ashamed of and it was just a normal thing to discuss, etc. Best of intentions. Well, we'll see. I will honor his request. And I will continue to ask God to control and eliminate the Tourette's. Here's to praying big!

Face Plants
So when we returned from Luby's, the boys were surprised to find a new kitchen table in our house. It's actually very old. I believe it predates me. And I'm old. But in the fun divorce game I like to call, "who gets what", future ex has gotten our nice (but small) kitchen set. So I got the kitchen table I grew up with. Man, that table has had LOTS of kids lovin' on it. I have colored my fingernails and who knows what else with markers on that table. I have dyed Easter eggs on that table. I have deep fried donuts on that table. I have blown out myriads of birthday candles on that table. But enough of the table. This is about face plants.

Well, The Boy was very excited about the new table. And since I had moved the chairs out of the way for a while, there was lots of extra room in the kitchen. Well, what else is an open space for than to spin? So The Boy was spinning around, on tile, with socks. I turned just in time to see his feet go out from under him and his face take the brunt of the fall. Oh man, it was awful. For one second, I thought, ok, maybe it's not that bad. But then the crying started. And it's that cry where you KNOW it's not fake. His mouth was very bloody. His upper inner lip was shredded and bloody. I still can't tell if any teeth will be casualties. He told me his bite feels off. I'm hoping it's just from the pain and swelling. But it feels an awful lot like a repeat performance of spring 2005 - when he face planted on asphalt at our Boston church and ended up losing his two top front teeth. And it took surgery at Children's Hospital in Boston to fully extract them.

I dosed him with ibuprofen, iced it and sent him to bed. We'll see if his bite is still off in the morning. If so, we'll be visiting the doctor in stead of helping my parents unpack more. Good times. Good times.

GodTube - Who Knew?
Ok, am I the only one who had no idea GodTube existed? I'm not addicted to YouTube but I've been sent enough links to understand it's general workings. Well, Kristen sent me a link to some one's blog that had this GodTube video embedded. I have to tell you, if almost anyone else had sent it to me, I would have deleted it and kept working. But Kristen rarely sends stuff like that (for which I'm immensely thankful). So I figured I better check it out.

First off, it was a video on GodTube. Yes, I'm a God-person. But I still have a huge cynical streak in me that smirks at God-ish knock offs of anything. So I initially thought, "GodTube? Are you kidding me? Bunch of dorks." Yes, I'm a sweet girl. Secondly, when the video started, it was a movement-oriented skit. No spoken words. Interpretive dance-ish type things done to a cool Christian song. So the second set of rolling eyes. But wait, it came from Kristen so there's got to be something to this. Oh and there IS. The blog said, if you can just make it to the end, they thought I'd think it was worthwhile. Holy freakin' guacamole! It is very worthwhile. Trish said the same thing - if it had been sent by anyone else, she would have trashed it. And she dislikes interpretive dance even more than me! So here is a link (I hate embedding stuff in my blog). And it has rave reviews from Kristen, Trish and ME. I have watched it like 10 times so far. You may all come back and ask me what I'm smoking. But let me tell you, the images keep replaying in my head.

More God-Sent Teachers
I mentioned above that I had a long talk with The Boy's teacher today. She called because he had a loose tooth that was bothering him - this is pre-face-plant. It was bothering him to the point of him being upset and he insisted that his mom could probably do something about it. Other than tell him it will be fine, I could not.

After calming The Boy down on the phone, I got back on with his wonderful teacher. She raved about his reading, spelling, logic, math, etc. I tried to explain to her that all of that has very little to do with anything his father or I have done with him at home. It really is just one of his gifts God doled out to him. He is a lazy parent's dream! I don't have to hound him to read his 20 minutes a night. He's usually devouring some book or other anyway. In kindergarten, he used to just read his children's dictionary for fun. If he's into a subject, he'll read any book or anything that even mentions the subject. Currently, it's dinosaurs. But he has read multiple books on Saturn, space, weather, birds, I can't even think of what else. So it's not like I'm can take much more credit than taking him to Barnes & Noble when he begs me to.

Anyway, when she mentioned how upset he was about his loose tooth, I said, well, I never know when something is really bothering him or when it's just a manifestation of his Tourette's. She hasn't had a chance to read through all of the forms on each kid yet so she hadn't known about his TS. She asked me if there was anything special she needed to know or do. I filled her in about how he can fixate on things. I gave her a quick rundown of his diagnosis - Tourette's with co morbid anxiety issues and obsessive compulsive tendencies. We discussed what she might see and how she might handle it. Then, when discussing his off-the-charts smarts, she said, "I'm going to start finding things to challenge [The Boy]." I didn't even have to ask. I love her. Did I mention that?

I have to tell you, I have been so busy with things lately, I hadn't even taken the time to obsessively pray for the perfect teacher for The Boy. Last Thursday, when we were heading to the school to meet The Boy's teachers, I realized this and thought, "Oh no! I didn't pray for the perfect teacher! He'll have some horribly unengaged teacher who doesn't give a crap about kids!" So I quickly asked God to somehow set things straight and please please please give The Boy the perfect teacher for him. See, this is just one of many reasons why I love God. He just totally rocks. I'm sure he hand picked her before I realized I had forgotten to pester him about it in the first place! He knew I'd be asking. I had probably thought about it in one of my half-asleep kind-of-prayer times. And boom! He delivers. Yet again.

She finished our conversation by telling me how she couldn't wait to see how this year went because he's in her class. Could any mother ask for anything more?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Moms Just Don't Get It

Today's Tourette's Tidbit - Observation
Today was The Boy's first day of 2nd grade. The shock of realizing I have a 2nd grader could fuel a whole other blog. Something like, "Where the heck did my baby go??!!"

Our town is growing way faster than the highways or schools can keep up with. As a result, our development was rezoned and our elementary kids are going to a different school this year. And only for this year. Next year, we'll have our own elementary school to over fill.

So last Thursday was the Meet & Greet at the school. The Boy and I went to meet his new teacher. I had been wanting to introduce him to the counselor to make sure she knew she had a new Tourette's kid in her school. The introduction would bring him to her attention and make her a known friendly entity to The Boy. So we walk up to the counselor's table and I make introductions. I said something like, "I just wanted you to meet The Boy because he has Tourette's." The Boy - without missing a beat - says, "No I don't." It was an embarrassed denial or anything. It was just a statement of fact. He feels he doesn't have Tourette's any more. Why doesn't his mom get that? I love that. So the counselor keeps right in step with him, looks him in the eye and says, "I bet you don't. But it's great to meet you," and gives me a knowing smile. I love her already. And she's one of about 3 people The Boy remembers from that meet & greet night.

I went ahead and signed a permission form to allow her to talk to The Boy. We went to his classroom, met his teacher - who ROCKS - and some other kids in his class. The Boy went right into make-as-many-friends-in-30-seconds-as-you-can mode. It was awesome. I hadn't been too worried. But you just never know how bouncing around different schools will hit him.

So today, he got on the bus today all excited. No apprehension. No worried look. No tics that I could see. I have no doubt today has been a good school day!

...And in other news...
My parents should be here any minute. They're in my town, stopping for lunch. So they should be ringing the doorbell any minute!!! WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!

I went to bed SO sore last night. I went to their house, sprayed their lawn with stuff to kill the weeds, sprayed their flower beds with anti-fungal stuff, vacuumed their house (extermination left lots of little dead bugs on the floors), swept their front porch....that's about it. And you know, hauling that huge hose around was hard work. But pushing my Dyson around their brand new beautiful plush carpet? THAT killed me. It's brand new fluffy plush gorgeous rug stuff. The vacuum was like, uh, where's that totally stomped down cheapo carpet I'm used to just running right over???

I felt OOOOOOLD when I got home. I dosed up the ibuprofen and got the VIP suite ready for mom & dad. They deserve to be pampered. Dad is almost 80. He should get the master bedroom and bathroom. So I cleaned it up, put on fresh sheets, put out fresh towels, etc. I got all of my junk into my office. I made up the spare twin mattress and had a nice little camp out in my office last night. Fun stuff.

So I can't wait to see my parents. Those poor tired wonderful people. They must be ready to drop. And drop they can. In their newly cleaned VIP suite!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Baby Cousin Had a Baby!!!

I am late in posting about this. But my baby cousin on my mom's side (ie - she's the youngest of all the cousins in my generation) had her first baby this past week!!!

Please feel free to go and tell Monica how gorgeous her little girl Annie is. And if you want all the details and to see a bursting with pride sister/aunt, you can visit the blog of my other cousin Kendra - Monica's proud big sister and new aunt to little Annie.

So the extended Hawkins clan is now the EXPANDED Hawkins clan!!! WOOOO-HOOOO!!!!

That is all. You may go about your business now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Frivolity - Movie Quote Generator

I love anything that combines movies quotes and my name. Therefore, I love this Movie Quote Generator site. You go there and put your name in the little Word: box to the left. Here is my movie quote for today:

I could dance with you 'til the Tourette's Mom come home. On second thought, I'd rather dance with the Tourette's Mom 'til you came home.

Duck Soup (1933)
(the missing word was 'cows')

I'm a dork but I love the Marx brothers. They blow the moronic Three Stooges out of the water. So there's my frivolity for today.
Today's Tourette's Tidbit
I've been interested in the apparent connection between Tourette's tics and candida. Candida is the yeast that occurs naturally in our bodies. When it gets out of control due to antibiotics, bad American diets or any other cause, it can wreak havoc. I had a problem with it back in the late 90's because of a 30 year regimen of maintenance antibiotics to fight bladder infections (I have 1 kidney so they were trying to avoid infections). When candida becomes out of control, it can actually cause bacterial infections. So in the late 90's, I basically lived with a bladder infection about once a month. I got every bronchial infection that blew through town. I got ever sinus infection, as well. I was sick so often that most of my vacation time was used as sick days.

In 1999, I got help in the form of a great acupuncturist and his staff. They radically changed my nutritional intake (ie - bagged the American sugar-based diet) and gave me 2 to 3 acupuncture treatments a week for about 2 years. It took a while but I lost 25 lbs without changing my exercise habits, I was able to stay antibiotic-free for quite a few years. I stopped getting bladder infections, bronchial infections, sinus infections, stomach bugs, flu, colds. I mean, I would get maybe one malady a year.

When I first started trying to read everything there is on the web about Tourette's, one of the first things I noticed was quite a few articles on how many doctors feel that high levels of candida in the body can increase the severity of tics.

Dr. Bruce Semon has a short article ( that explains how the yeast may affect the chemicals in the brain. One could see how that might exacerbate the tics.

Another nutritional website ( mentions how some people have dealt with their family member's Tourette's with alternatives to mainstream western medicine. It mentions candida specifically.

There is one article I can't find that I read last year when The Boy was first diagnosed. It was by a doctor who documented a young man's case of Tourette's. His tics had gotten so severe that it made day to day living and social interaction near impossible. The doctor put him on an anti-candida diet and oral doses of nystatin. I remember reading that his tics were incredibly diminished. If I find that article, I'll put a link here later.

As part of my treatment back in 1999 & 2000, I was put on an anti-candida diet. It was the hardest thing I've ever done - I mean to really do it. You can find it out on the web in many forms but most are pretty similar. It's no processed sugar, no white flour, no fermented products (so there goes alcohol & vinegar - try finding foods without vinegar!), no yeast, no fungus (ie - mushrooms and be wary of foods that naturally have mold). They also took me off any carbonated beverages - no soda, no sparkling water. There's more to it. They put me on a very balanced diet, as well. I can tell you I have never felt healthier than those years I did that diet hard core. But it's hard to do in America.

The Boy was raised on an organic, anti-candida diet pretty hard-core until he was two. After that, he had very little processed sugar. Once he was off antibiotics - around the age of 4, we let him eat what he wanted. But since he was raised on very little sugar and lots of veggies and fruits as treats, he still eats amazingly well to this day. I am wondering if we unwittingly helped keep his Tourette's at bay or kept it less severe. I'd like to hope so.

I'll post more a little later. The boys just got home so I need to go be mommy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Heart Picture Phones

I meant to put this on my last post. But forgot. My stylist (The Boy) recently picked out a new phone for me. I heart my new red Samsung M500 picture phone. It's my first picture phone. And I'll take a picture of anything. I'm a newbie. Forgive me.

But the best thing about the picture phone is being able to shoot an adorable picture of my kids and send it off to my sister, my boss, their dad, whoever else I might think adores my children. It's a fun thing to get on your phone - totally out of the blue. A fun picture from someone you love.

Here are two pictures I took of the boys at our favorite Luby's restaurant.

Then of course, you get bored in the car while waiting for your son in counseling. And you do things like this:

Frivolity Is Necessary

Today's Tourette's Tidbit (Observation):
The other day, we noticed The Boy doing his Spidey Hands thing that I've mentioned before. It's nothing huge and nothing anyone else would probably even notice. But I'm always curious when an old tic returns. I've been hearing a lot of audible tics lately. Little grunts and short moans. Again, nothing anyone else would even notice. But I'm wondering why after so many weeks of almost nothing. I've been letting him stay home from camp this week. He's good at entertaining himself - reading, computer time, keyboard & singing, TV. But I also wonder if the lack of outside stimulation has anything to do with it. Also, I've recently given him kid's Sudafed a few times - against my own better judgment. It's just so hard to listen to the nasal congestion and discomfort. I've read theories about stimulants really kicking tics in gear. I've even heard the urban legends of how certain meds with stimulants in them cause Tourette's. I'm not a believer in this - but I'm still open to the possibility. I think Tourette's is in your genes or it isn't. Some people have symptoms that are evident and some live never knowing they have it. I think certain stimulants can trigger the beginning of tics. But I'm not going to make my kid suffer if the meds aren't obviously hurting him. It's a tough call. All last year, I gave him nothing with pseudoephedrine because of my concerns of how it might enhance his Tourette's. The kid suffered the WORST sinus congestion and it was horrible. I just can't do that to him again.

Anyway, my rambling here is just to say that I've seen an increase in The Boy's tics and am not sure if it's his boredom or the meds or something else completely.

Frivolity Is Necessary:
We need a little frivolity in our lives. Don't you think? Well, I had to try Simpsonizing myself when I saw JenKneeBee try it! So I went to the SimpsonizeMe site and made myself into a cartoon. Granted, they allow you to select body types that are more true to my girth. But this is frivolity, remember? So in the Simpson's world, I'm slim. Get over it. I also gave myself a nose ring when I actually where a teeny tiny nose stud. But the nose studs looked like zits. I don't need zits in my alternate universe.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Quick Update: No More Keck

Don't have time for a long post. Lil Bro stayed home with me today and did fine. Ate normally and was energetic. Makes me wonder what he picked up at the many public outings he attends. Also reminds me that both my boys have less than stellar immune systems. Need to get those multi-vitamins going consistently.

My sister-in-law's mother died early this morning. It is sad to lose someone so long connected to their lives. But it's a case of God's mercy to finally take her home. She has suffered horribly for many many years. We are glad she isn't in pain any more. I know God is taking care of my sister-in-law and my nieces & nephew right now.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Counseling and Keck

Today's Tourette's Tidbit - Observations

Today, The Boy went to his play therapist. We love his therapist. ML rocks. He's a Christian counselor who, I believe, specializes in children's play therapy. The Boy actually gets very upset if we have to miss sessions with him.

Today, ML verified that he feels The Boy is making all sorts of progress (this was noted by his psychiatrist a couple of weeks back). His social interactions are within normal parameters - that's according to the non-scientific mom here. I mean, the few things I'm aware of are things you would see with other children who have never been diagnosed with anything more severe than a cold.

The thing I'm excited about is, ML feels I am a candidate for filial play therapy. According to, "Filial therapy is an alternative method for treating emotionally disturbed children in which the parent is used as an ally in the therapeutic process." ML explained that he would train me. He warned me it is exhausting and takes dedication and lots of energy. I guess it can be very difficult for the parent to learn to do play therapy because you have to detach yourself from the parental role. As the parent, you'll want to direct, analyze, question, etc. The whole point of non-directive play therapy is to allow the child to do pretty much anything in play in order to express their emotions through the objects with which they are most familiar and comfortable - toys. ML has explained enough to me so that I know that seemingly simple play actions can carry all sorts of messages, red flags, or emotions that the children don't even know they're having. It really is amazing.

ML said that he can't suggest this to every parent. A potential candidate parent must be a very present parent. This made me laugh inside because, lately, with how wrapped up I've been in my own stupid problems, I haven't felt very present for The Boy or Lil Bro. But thankfully, ML sees beyond my immediate situation and knows that I would do anything for these boys. The added benefit is, if I learn how to do this, I can also do it with Lil Bro. I haven't gotten Lil Bro into therapy because A) I've been assuming (and praying) that he doesn't need it and B) I don't have the money to put 2 boys in therapy every week. I am counting on God to minimize the risk here.

So I'm going to try to get into the next series of classes ML will offer. I love thinking I might be able to participate in The Boy's therapy. It's very hard to send them behind closed doors where you can only know little tidbits. It's a hard trust to have.

...And now on to the Keck part...

I just got a kick out of the word "keck". I was looking up synonyms for "vomit". That one caught my eye. It really describes more of a nausea or attempt at throwing up rather than actual vomiting. But what a fun word!

Just a fun little bit of my day:

Lil Bro went to day care today as normal. I heard no reports of anything odd when we picked him up. He was energetic and playful. When his father dropped him off (he was with daddy while I took The Boy to counseling), he asked for pancakes. The Boy made himself a sandwich so I mixed up some pancakes for the wee little man. As I was about to flip the 4th one, I went to the couch to ask Lil Bro if he wanted jelly on them. He informed me he didn't want them. What?! I just made them for you (slaving to pour the mix & water into a bowl and cooking four whole pancakes!!!). His answer was, "But I have a cough." Right. Note to self: If you have a cough, evidently you are not able to eat pancakes. I said, [Lil Bro], you can eat pancakes if you have a cough (in my "you silly boy" voice). At that, he decided to demonstrate. So he gives a coupe of the fakest little coughs I've ever heard - hand up to his mouth. And then it began. The Font Du Vomit. I mean, it was just SURPRISE! Puke everywhere - all over him, all over the couch! I grabbed him, ran to the small bathroom, placed him in front of the toilet and let it run its course.

Honestly, I have to tell you, I have NO idea how all that came out of him FIT in him in the first place. Have you ever seen the cherry pit vomit scene in The Witches of Eastwick? It's just what came to mind. Or any Saturday Night Live fake vomit scene I've ever seen. It just looked fake. Like a giant hose was attached to the side of his face and I just couldn't see it. It was amazing. The stuff of movies. I wouldn't have believed it had I not been standing there trying to not wretch myself. Oh the smell. Gah! The poor little guy took it like a pro. I have held the hair of much wimpier puking adults, let me tell you. He would just stand there, gasping for breath and then turn his face back to the toilet and GRAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHH! Then he'd stand straight and gulp a few more breaths. The poor kid had it coming out of his NOSE. Aren't you all just loving my descriptive nature right about now?

Now, as I stood there watching my puke covered toddler, thinking about the puddle soaking in to my nice micro-fiber couch, knowing I needed to strip the soaked clothes from him once he was done and get him into a bath...that whole "I really hate being a single mom" feeling crept in. Future ex had just left for a walk around our development (his hotel isn't in a good walking area). I could probably catch him and make him live up to all of those promises of "Look, if one of the kids starts throwing up in the middle of the night - I don't care what time - you call me and I'll be there." Ok superman. Put your money where the puke is. So I called his cell. No answer. A few choice swears. Run back to check on puking toddler. Tell puking toddler to stay in the bathroom even though Sponge Bob is still on the TV. Call future ex again - no answer. Run stick a note saying "I need help! Don't leave!!!" on his windshield and curse the volume on his MP3 player.

Well, I peeled the soaked clothes off Lil Bro. I got him into a bath - crying the whole time. I washed him. I dressed him. I rinsed the puke off his clothes and got them in the washer. I was just starting on the couch and then the hero shows up. Yah, thanks for the help, bud. But it was nice to have another helping hand there. He distracted Lil Bro. Comforted him. He helped me clean the couch. He went and got me food (I wasn't cooking after all of that).

So that was my night. I am thanking God for Febreze. And I am thanking him for allowing Lil Bro to hold down ice water and very watered down juice. He had been sitting on the couch, all pale, watching Sponge Bob. I was at the computer and he was talking to me and just stopped. I turned around to find him face down on the couch - sound asleep. I have prayed for a full night's sleep for all of us.

Keck. Ha ha ha! That just makes me giggle.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another Fun Meme - This One Has Pictures!

Todays Tourette's Tidbit (paraphrased from the TSA website's page on Living With TS)

Symptom Substitution. This is one strategy a person can use if they currently have a tic that they fear might offend, distract or bring unwanted attention. By talking to a doctor or therapist who knows TS well, they can learn how to do this (basically, it involves finding an alternative behavior that satisfies the same urge). For example: say a person has a nose-picking tic—there might be something else they could do with their finger when that urge comes on. With a bit of practice, they can avoid causing offense, even though it might not be possible to stop ticcing altogether.

This is something The Boy's psychiatrist mentioned back when we first received his diagnosis. If his tics get to a point where they bother him, bother those around him, etc, we can work with a play therapist. I believe she said it would be cognitive behavioral therapy. One of the things this therapist would do with The Boy is help him recognize the urges that preceed a tic. If he can feel the urge, he might be able to substitute a more socially acceptable tic. The example she gave me is, if he feels he's about to flail an arm, he might be able to just do his Spidey Hands thing (mentioned in one of my first posts) under the table. It makes total sense and I've heard of successful cases. I keep praying that we never have to deal with this. But as The Boy gets older, our reality may change.

Another fun meme from Stacy, via Sarakastic & Jenkneebee:

This one is fun. The idea is that you take five pictures from & create a story out of them. I'm not so sure I got a story but I think you'll find an emerging theme...

Mine begins with a public service announcement that I totally wish really existed

In her divorce-hazed grief, Tourette's Mom finds encouragement from God

So she cut a single with her backup singers Matt Damon, Johnny Depp and Clive Owen

It became a number one hit for weeks - dethroning even Chris Daughtry! Concert sales went through the roof.

Here's a picture from the concert at the Vatican

The Start of Daily TS Tidbits and Other Random Thoughts

I've been annoyed how life has derailed my original intent of this blog. Although, I do have to say that I'm extremely lucky so far in that The Boy has not had Tourette's symptoms or tics that would actually give me much to write about on a daily basis. So yah, thank you God. I'll take it!

But in the interest of imparting information, I've decided to have my daily Tourette's fact or observation. Well, maybe not daily. But each time I post, I'm going to put a fact or observation about Tourette's first. Then I'll move on to whatever minutiae is on my mind at the moment.

Most of my facts will probably come from the virtual cornucopia of information that is the Tourette's Syndrome Association ( They have been my main source of one-stop-shopping info. But I will also delve out into the webosphere in search of other information.

Today's Tourette's Tidbit (from the TSA site's Fact Sheet page):

Is obscene language (coprolalia) a typical symptom of TS? Definitely not. The fact is that cursing, uttering obscenities, and ethnic slurs are manifested by fewer than 15% of people with TS. Too often, however, the media seize upon this symptom for its sensational effect.

I found this one most interesting. I think those of us who are ignorant about TS (and I would say I was in that group until my son was diagnosed) think of this symptom first when we hear the word "Tourette's". I know that many movies and sitcoms make references to this. I know I've seen comedians burst out with a swear and then joke, "Oh sorry...I have Tourette's!" to big laughs. And I was one of the ones laughing. How funny that it's one of the less common symptoms of Tourette's.

The few people I've encountered with coprolalia didn't yell out swears. One pre-teen would just yell out random words that just weren't appropriate. Not in the politically correct sense. But in the, hey, that doesn't belong there sense. One kid would yell out "Metal!" or "Coffee!" So the whole swearing thing is a rarity. And I often wonder how the mind decides which random words to pick. I imagine it has a lot to do with your environment and experience. Although I have nothing to back that up. Just a hunch.

Now on to more stuff that doesn't matter...

I didn't post for quite a while because I was just too angry. And I'm really sick and tired of hearing and reading my own anger. I'm sure anyone just popping by here is, too. So I'll just Readers' Digest it here for you: Future ex spent a long time with his friends and then with his girlfriend. I got mad. I got raving lunatic mad. I had a nice little emotional meltdown. He got back in town this past Saturday. He's trying to be "helpful" by taking the boys out and such. It's so lovely to have someone take your kids so you can actually have time to....DO HOUSEWORK. Yah. Good times.

But I'm doing much better. God is much more powerful than my own anger. I sang at church on Sunday again. I love singing backups. Harmonies are my favorite. But every single song just spoke to me so powerfully so I was having one of those singing times where I was doing everything in my power not to start crying. I am not a pretty crier. I am not a dainty crier. I can't stand there singing with a single tear rolling down my cheek so that everyone just goes, "Awwww..." and weeps. No, my face scrunches up in the most horrific display. It's impossible to sing in tune when I get like this. So, as a service to my church and humanity in general, I stood there singing and silently praying, "Help me keep it together God! Pull me together!!!" And he did. I was able to truly worship and sing my butt off. One of my friends came up afterwards and said, "You were ROCKIN' that worship, girl!" Which meant she appreciated my sincerity of worship. Not that I was jumping around and crowd surfing.

That's about all I have. I'm not very creative today. And I must go pick up the wee one from day care. The Boy is having one on one time with his daddy. So I must go distract the wee one.