Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Missing Teeth

Quick update: The Boy still has the same number of teeth today that he had yesterday. So that's cool. His lip is still swollen a whole 24 hrs later. It's slightly bruised, too. That one tooth that took the brunt of the fall? It's loose. So he has two loose teeth - one naturally and one not-so-naturally. The gum where his missing front teeth are is totally bruised and dark purple. I'm hoping that his permanent tooth that is still up there didn't get damaged by this fall.


Kendra said...

Just getting caught up . . I've been tied up this week - can you imagine?? Sorry about the face trauma, and hope all the bite and teeth, etc are all ok!! You are the best mom ever in my book, you know? Love you

Sarakastic said...

Praying big that he's ok, does he believe in the tooth fairy?

On a lighter note, I was always trying to get my teeth to come out when I was a kid, I saw it as my own atm, I wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box.

Kristen said...

Poor guy! I hope everything turns out okay for his teeth. I totally forgot about that time when he fell back in Boston!

Wanda said...

Hey, I'm finally back from vacation with the family...trying to catch up....takes time. But know you were thought about even if I wasn't able to comment for a while.
Give my love to your little one..!