Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Frivolity Is Necessary

Today's Tourette's Tidbit (Observation):
The other day, we noticed The Boy doing his Spidey Hands thing that I've mentioned before. It's nothing huge and nothing anyone else would probably even notice. But I'm always curious when an old tic returns. I've been hearing a lot of audible tics lately. Little grunts and short moans. Again, nothing anyone else would even notice. But I'm wondering why after so many weeks of almost nothing. I've been letting him stay home from camp this week. He's good at entertaining himself - reading, computer time, keyboard & singing, TV. But I also wonder if the lack of outside stimulation has anything to do with it. Also, I've recently given him kid's Sudafed a few times - against my own better judgment. It's just so hard to listen to the nasal congestion and discomfort. I've read theories about stimulants really kicking tics in gear. I've even heard the urban legends of how certain meds with stimulants in them cause Tourette's. I'm not a believer in this - but I'm still open to the possibility. I think Tourette's is in your genes or it isn't. Some people have symptoms that are evident and some live never knowing they have it. I think certain stimulants can trigger the beginning of tics. But I'm not going to make my kid suffer if the meds aren't obviously hurting him. It's a tough call. All last year, I gave him nothing with pseudoephedrine because of my concerns of how it might enhance his Tourette's. The kid suffered the WORST sinus congestion and it was horrible. I just can't do that to him again.

Anyway, my rambling here is just to say that I've seen an increase in The Boy's tics and am not sure if it's his boredom or the meds or something else completely.

Frivolity Is Necessary:
We need a little frivolity in our lives. Don't you think? Well, I had to try Simpsonizing myself when I saw JenKneeBee try it! So I went to the SimpsonizeMe site and made myself into a cartoon. Granted, they allow you to select body types that are more true to my girth. But this is frivolity, remember? So in the Simpson's world, I'm slim. Get over it. I also gave myself a nose ring when I actually where a teeny tiny nose stud. But the nose studs looked like zits. I don't need zits in my alternate universe.


Beck said...

Simpson-you is quite cute. Simpson-me looked like a gorilla.
Whoops about leaving you off my blogline! I'd honestly just forgotten - you saw how long my stupid list was. I'll fix that in the morning, okay?

Sarakastic said...

you have a teeny tiny nose ring? As Lane would say, "that's so rock & roll", well she usually says "that's so not rock & roll" & actually zack says it, but let me have my moent

LEstes65 said...

Beck - your list was long and I whined because you told me to. But I will be honored to be among your roll.

Sarakastic - Hahahaha! If you only knew how NOT rock & roll I was! One of these days, I'll have to figure a way to put one of my songs online. So you can hear when I WAS rock & roll. The nose ring is just a holdover from cooler days. HA!

j said...

i love it!

Wanda said...

Oh Lynette...had a minute to post, but haven't been around to read, 2 funerals this sad. But I love your Simpson-syle...very cute. And the boys pictures are so sweet.