Monday, August 27, 2007

Moms Just Don't Get It

Today's Tourette's Tidbit - Observation
Today was The Boy's first day of 2nd grade. The shock of realizing I have a 2nd grader could fuel a whole other blog. Something like, "Where the heck did my baby go??!!"

Our town is growing way faster than the highways or schools can keep up with. As a result, our development was rezoned and our elementary kids are going to a different school this year. And only for this year. Next year, we'll have our own elementary school to over fill.

So last Thursday was the Meet & Greet at the school. The Boy and I went to meet his new teacher. I had been wanting to introduce him to the counselor to make sure she knew she had a new Tourette's kid in her school. The introduction would bring him to her attention and make her a known friendly entity to The Boy. So we walk up to the counselor's table and I make introductions. I said something like, "I just wanted you to meet The Boy because he has Tourette's." The Boy - without missing a beat - says, "No I don't." It was an embarrassed denial or anything. It was just a statement of fact. He feels he doesn't have Tourette's any more. Why doesn't his mom get that? I love that. So the counselor keeps right in step with him, looks him in the eye and says, "I bet you don't. But it's great to meet you," and gives me a knowing smile. I love her already. And she's one of about 3 people The Boy remembers from that meet & greet night.

I went ahead and signed a permission form to allow her to talk to The Boy. We went to his classroom, met his teacher - who ROCKS - and some other kids in his class. The Boy went right into make-as-many-friends-in-30-seconds-as-you-can mode. It was awesome. I hadn't been too worried. But you just never know how bouncing around different schools will hit him.

So today, he got on the bus today all excited. No apprehension. No worried look. No tics that I could see. I have no doubt today has been a good school day!

...And in other news...
My parents should be here any minute. They're in my town, stopping for lunch. So they should be ringing the doorbell any minute!!! WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!

I went to bed SO sore last night. I went to their house, sprayed their lawn with stuff to kill the weeds, sprayed their flower beds with anti-fungal stuff, vacuumed their house (extermination left lots of little dead bugs on the floors), swept their front porch....that's about it. And you know, hauling that huge hose around was hard work. But pushing my Dyson around their brand new beautiful plush carpet? THAT killed me. It's brand new fluffy plush gorgeous rug stuff. The vacuum was like, uh, where's that totally stomped down cheapo carpet I'm used to just running right over???

I felt OOOOOOLD when I got home. I dosed up the ibuprofen and got the VIP suite ready for mom & dad. They deserve to be pampered. Dad is almost 80. He should get the master bedroom and bathroom. So I cleaned it up, put on fresh sheets, put out fresh towels, etc. I got all of my junk into my office. I made up the spare twin mattress and had a nice little camp out in my office last night. Fun stuff.

So I can't wait to see my parents. Those poor tired wonderful people. They must be ready to drop. And drop they can. In their newly cleaned VIP suite!


Kendra said...

I've been thinking about your parents all day and wondering if they've gotten to you, yet. I can't wait to hear the details, see the pictures, and come visit!! What a great little worker you are for the new arrivals . .remind me to hire you to get my new place ready next time we move, k? he! love you

ellesappelle said...

That's so cool that Liam's school is working out so well already. And yay that your parents are coming! I hope they love their master suite :)

Trish Ryan said...

Aww...yay Liam. And yay for your parents, too. I've never met them, and yet l love them...and you for hauling the Dyson over all that carpet. You rock :)

Moanna said...

I'm sure your parents are as happy to be with you as you are to have them. Weird thing is, I don't really know you but for some reason I feel relieved knowing they've arrived. Really good news!