Sunday, May 04, 2014

Engaged: Milestone in a Whacked Up Love Story

Yesterday, The Once and Future Husband proposed! That's his grandmother's ring I have worn since she gave it to us when we first got engaged in 1996.  I had taken it off recently to die my hair (badly).  I told him where it was and told him to put it on the correct hand when he was ready.  I said it rather angrily.  Yesterday, he put it on my left hand as I left the laundry room (all gross and sweaty).  Then he asked if I would marry him! So yah.  Yesterday pretty much rocked.
This was how I announced it on Facebook
This was a (completely posed) reaction face from BigBro and LilBro as we celebrated with a nice dinner:
This is my current Facebook profile picture.  It's a selfie we took last month at a hockey game:
'Cause I'm classy like that
So.  Yah.