Friday, July 31, 2009

Good Question

I'm watching my friend's five year old today. He stood watching the desktop pictures on my iMac which change every 5 minutes. After watching about 6 different pictures of my boys go by, he asked, "Aren't there any pictures of ME on here?"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This Is What Life Is All About

Man, I just had the most awesome Sunday. So simple that it reminds me this is what Sundays are about. Keeping the sabbath is setting aside the day for God. Enjoy everything he has provided for me. Appreciate it. Honor him by soaking up his goodness. And today just fit the bill.

I woke up totally late because I stayed up totally late. Oh, and I had set the alarm for 7:30am (which would have put me completely on time) but then forgot to turn the alarm ON. DOH. So yah, I woke up pissy. And as my children dawdled, thinking they had plenty of time like usual, I got pissier. Oh yes, you say. We can see how this is totally keeping the sabbath.

I pack the car with the awesome food for church, cram the kids in the car and take off for church. I'm late so I don't do anything frivolous like, oh, say...feed my kids. This will come to play later.

I arrive at church in one of Those Moods. The kind that my friend C.Beth recognizes immediately by the set of my spine. The kind that I think I'm so good at hiding. As I unload the food, I'm completely in "Martha Mode" (if you don't know, read Luke 10:38-42). The afore mentioned awesome C.Beth comes to the rescue because - you see - I have hidden my Mood oh so well. She offers to set up the food service and I relent, thankfully. She mentions that she may have seen some sliver of a hint of my Mood. But her gentle understanding smile and complete lack of judgment completely disarms me. I love that woman.

Having that taken care of, I walk up onto the riser to take my place for worship practice. I'm putting in my ear monitors when Lil'Bro comes and asks if I brought any food. Yes, quite a bit, actually. But you can't touch it until 10:15. But he means food, as in, hey, you forgot to FEED us, woman. So I ask him to wait. Drooping face. Departs in full Bobby-Brady-slump mode. Then Pokemon Boy comes up 3 seconds later asking, "Um...did you take us to Burger King today?" [because usually when pressed for time, I whip through the BK drive thru for a healthy Croissan'wich® or the like]. "No, hon. We didn't have time. You'll have plenty of food here soon enough." More Bobby-Brady-slumping.

I take my place with the worship team, ready to sing. As I wait for last minute adjustments, I actually prayed this prayer, "God, please help me to stop having such a big hair across my ass." Now, questionable prayer language aside, God rocked the answer. He removed said hair from across said dark place. I had fun practicing for worship. I didn't keep my eyes on the food service setup because I knew it was being taken care of. I was able to totally relax and focus on the music. And the words.

The rest of church rocked, too. Our head pastors were away on vacation (the nerve of them!). So our youth group and youth leaders got up to talk about their recent trip to Doin' The Stuff. They showed slides and everyone that went (and was present) talked about how it affected them. One of our lay pastors then spoke about what it personally meant to him. It was a really cool, inspiring presentation. And Pokemon Boy told me he wants to go to Doin' The Stuff when he's old enough. Sweet!

After church, we hung out, socialized, cleaned up food service, washed bowls and platters. I love that part. Well, not the dish washing part, necessarily. But hanging with my church friends. I love watching the kids running around wreaking havoc together. I love seeing people stand around, talking, laughing. It rocks.

We headed home. We picked up the house a bit and made sandwiches for lunch. Then we hooked up with Lil'Bro's "best buddy" S.McV and his dad R.McV. We all went to the community pool and went swimming. We were met there by another friend of Lil'Bro and S.McV, A.A and his parents. So it was a big swimming play date with four rowdy boys. Tons of fun!

After two hours of swimming, we dried off and drove a few hundred feet to my parents' house. My BigSis was there with her awesome dog, Sid. My parents just returned the night before from a family funeral in New Mexico. Very sudden. Very tragic. Very sad. BigSis brought a bunch of pizzas and we all chowed down and heard all about the memorial and family gathering. We hung for a couple of hours and then headed home for some TV and then bed.

I mean, awesome church day (where God totally rocks the attitude adjustment up front), swimming with really awesome friends and then dinner with really awesome family? That pretty much sums up my life's blessings in a nut shell. Right there. Simple, no?

Thank you, God. Thanks for the awesome church, the awesome friends and the awesome family. And thanks for the extras like a gorgeous pool, a safe community and plethora of food.

God rocks, my friends. Totally rocks.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tics and Such

It's been a while since I've posted on this blog about Pokemon Boy and his Tourette's. Which is awesome, actually. Because that means there is nothing really to report. As I've stated before, he thinks of himself as Tourette's-free. I like it that way. No fear or self-fulfilling prophecy to live into. When I talk about it, I try to do so when he can't hear me.

The Ex was just here for a visit with the boys. He was here for about 10 days. They spent almost every night with him in his hotel room so it was a much closer visit than previous ones. They spent most days with him, as well.

Over the last few days, I noticed a few little facial tics. Just the exaggerated blinking, bulging of the eyes quickly or rolling them up and to the side real quick. The Ex and I were talking about it but I can't peg if this started during his visit or not. I tend to not notice these tics unless they're really bad or just more frequent. So I'm not chalking it up to anything other than he's off his schedule or over tired or who knows what.

At times I think I should keep a journal like I did in the very beginning. But I feel like, when I do that, I'm putting too much energy in something that isn't really a problem. If his tics ever escalate, maybe I'll return to the journal. But for now, he's not worried about it so neither am I. We still pray about it when it rears its head. And God has kept his so incredibly mild. I'll keep my trust in God.

Oh, and as Lil'Bro has passed the 5 yr mark (when we first started seeing things from Pokemon Boy), we haven't seen anything Tourette's-like from him. I'm not really thinking we will. But you never know. Genetics are a strong player in this world. I won't worry. But I will keep an eye and ear out as he gets older.

Anyway, just thought I'd update you all since this is, after all, a blog called Tourette's Mom!



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heard Today At The Boys' Swim Lesson (#3):

The boys had their 3rd swim lesson today. The instructor asked us to get them goggles and nose plugs. So over the last week, they have discovered the joys of going underwater. It's all they do. Sometimes Lil'Bro would wiggle enough to turn himself in the water - a kind of pseudo-swimming.

At today's lesson, they were eager to show their teacher how much progress they had made. The teacher was totally psyched as was their dad (who is visiting) and I. PokemonBoy swam under water, actually moving forward and changing direction. Lil'Bro did, too, but he looked a bit more like he was drowning. But it was huge and awesome progress. We're thinking they'll be fully swimming by the time school starts. VERY cool!!!

Here are some silly snippets from today's lessons:

Lil'Bro: Hey [PokemonBoy], watch me talk under water! [goes under water and we just see bubbles!]

Lil'Bro [as the dog walks near the pool]: I smell dog...footprints.

PokemonBoy [after being under water near the fountain]: It sounds like people are clapping down there!

PokemonBoy [after finally swimming on his own a little]: Ok, I'm DONE with these lessons! Goodbye!

Lil'Bro: It's a bad idea - breathing under water!

PokemonBoy [after looking underwater at pool floor design]: The mermaid is ULTRA ugly!

SwimTeacher: Hey [PokemonBoy], if you blow bubbles under water, you won't get water in your nose.
PokemonBoy: Thanks for the tip. I won't use it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Heard Today In The Car

As we headed off to the pool early this morning to beat the triple digit heat, this conversation cracked me up:

Lil'Bro: Mommy, what do you think that stop sign's name is?
Me: Hmm. I'm not sure. What do you think?
Lil'Bro: His name is Stoppy.
Me: Cool. [continues to drive]
Lil'Bro: And that fire hydrant's name is...
Pokemon Boy: Hydranty?
Lil'Bro: No. Fiery. And that light pole's name is...Lighty. And that fire hydrant is...Bob.

Alrighty then.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Really? [#3 in a series]

Oh Facebook right-hand advertising engine, you truly amuse me!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Heard Today At The Boys' Swim Lesson (#2):

Pokemon Boy: "I may be filled with hot air but I don't think I can float."

Lil'Bro: "It just doesn't make sense..."
Me: "What doesn't make sense?"
Lil'Bro: "She [16 yr old instructor] is taller than Miss Suzanne [the instructor's mom]. But she [the mom] is so much older!"

Pokemon Boy: [after viewing my highschool senior portrait] "You looked way better then."

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Nine Years Ago Today

Nine years ago, today, a bunch of people in scrubs claiming to be doctors and nurses tossed me on a table, opened the Ziploc pouch in my abdomen and helped little Pokemon Boy enter the world.

He is the one that made me a mom. He is the one that made me realize most of my other important interests in life were mere folly. He has brought me unimaginable joy. He has amazed me with his brilliance, creativity and capacity to love. He has been the best older brother Lil'Bro could have. He is one of the reasons being a single mom has been doable.

Happy 9th Birthday, Pokemon Boy!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Really? [#2 in a series]

Ok, I totally get the right-hand advertisements that appear on most websites. They pick up keywords you use in your emails or social networking sites and plug accordingly. And usually I get why I'm seeing certain ones. Yes, I'm over 40 and single but don't want to use your dating site. Yes I'm a single mom but don't want to make easy money for Google at home.

So anyone who knows anything about me will understand that this is yet another one that oh so misses the marketing bulls eye:

Facebook, you might want to tweak your automated advertising parameters!