Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heard Today At The Boys' Swim Lesson (#3):

The boys had their 3rd swim lesson today. The instructor asked us to get them goggles and nose plugs. So over the last week, they have discovered the joys of going underwater. It's all they do. Sometimes Lil'Bro would wiggle enough to turn himself in the water - a kind of pseudo-swimming.

At today's lesson, they were eager to show their teacher how much progress they had made. The teacher was totally psyched as was their dad (who is visiting) and I. PokemonBoy swam under water, actually moving forward and changing direction. Lil'Bro did, too, but he looked a bit more like he was drowning. But it was huge and awesome progress. We're thinking they'll be fully swimming by the time school starts. VERY cool!!!

Here are some silly snippets from today's lessons:

Lil'Bro: Hey [PokemonBoy], watch me talk under water! [goes under water and we just see bubbles!]

Lil'Bro [as the dog walks near the pool]: I smell dog...footprints.

PokemonBoy [after being under water near the fountain]: It sounds like people are clapping down there!

PokemonBoy [after finally swimming on his own a little]: Ok, I'm DONE with these lessons! Goodbye!

Lil'Bro: It's a bad idea - breathing under water!

PokemonBoy [after looking underwater at pool floor design]: The mermaid is ULTRA ugly!

SwimTeacher: Hey [PokemonBoy], if you blow bubbles under water, you won't get water in your nose.
PokemonBoy: Thanks for the tip. I won't use it.


Kendra said...

This is cool, Lynette! So much joy in the little things in life like seeing mermaids underwater on the bottom of a pool! ha!

Sarakastic said...

I'm 27 & I've never been smart enough to even think of the last line.

Barrie said...

What a crack up!

Jaime Lee said...

Breathing when water is in the way is definitely a bad idea, I gree with Lil-Bro. A camp counselor I know picked up this five year old and was dangling him upside down by his ankels, which the kids usually loves. But the camper was holding a dasani water bottle (the cap to which, he had lost 5 minutes into camp). Anyway, instead of averting the lip of the water bottle to the side, he continued to hold the water bottle to his chest, which was spilling water continually over the kids face and into his mouth. He was essentially drowning, in open air. The counselor realized this within seconds and put him down and asked him anxiously if he was okay. The camper just said, "You made me spill my Dasani!!"