Sunday, November 28, 2010


The boys got most of the ornaments up on the tree. I only had to reposition a few. I think I put up about 6. They did the rest.

Every year, we each buy an ornament. They're all very special memory makers. I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.

Here's the tree:
This is a cowboy boot I got last year. It's some kind of heavy resin.
Cowboy riding a bucking bronco. Cut metal:
Ceramic cardinal bell. His feet are the clapper:
Elvis in white jumpsuit (I lost the Elvis in 1969 comeback black outfit in the divorce):
Little plastic gray kitty (makes me think of my long gone gray kitty):
Gumball machine:
Little kitty book:
This was a little blank book key chain. In 2000, we started writing the year and where we lived at Christmas.
Christmas Pickle picked up this year:
There is a legend that the pickle ornament is a German tradition. I'll ask my two German friends but a quick Google search makes me think it's not quite spot on.
Sock Monkey picked up in 2009:

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Allie said...

Pretty! I love that you get a special ornament every year.