Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mother's Day Approacheth

I'm going to point you to my post from last year. It gives lots of ideas for finding a mom in your life who needs a little doting.

Last year, I posted this because the plight of moms doing it all was heavy on my heart. Not just because I'm a single mom. But because of all the moms I know. One of my dear friends delivered flowers to my doorstep with a note signed by my boys. I thought that was so sweet. She is a dear!

This year, the boys' dad is back in town. Last weekend, he took the boys shopping for Mother's Day. So I know I have surprises in store.

This year, my mom is not feeling well. Allergies in this area can lay you low for months. So I'm trying to figure out what she needs.

I hope all of you mothers have a wonderful day this weekend. You deserve it!

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Sarakastic said...

Happy Mothers Day! You are an amazing mom to your boys.