Friday, September 09, 2011

Updates on the Sermon Thingy

Thanks for all the prayers and support about my sermon/lesson/talking-thing.  It went swimmingly!  God totally rocked the calm and just flowed the words.  I'm pretty outgoing and good at faking confidence.  But I know how nervous I feel when I speak in public.  Especially speaking to people I have to deal with, you know?  It's not like a bunch of strangers you can say goodbye to and never see again!

But God rocked peace and calm and a steady voice.  I was worried I'd just stare at my notes and read them.  But I was speaking on something I feel very passionately about.  And God just kept the right subjects coming at the right time.

I spoke on tithing.  Not exactly people's most favorite subject!  I was worried I wouldn't have enough material.  Apparently, I spoke for over an hour.  Not surprising if you know me.  But I guess I made sense and kept people's attention (except a few nodders - I saw yah!).  I got a lot of feedback afterward from people saying I really spoke to them or gave them something to think about.

It was SO fun!  I'm SO thankful to God for just making it go so well.  I'm hoping he gives me more opportunities to speak.  Because I know he's given me a bunch of other subjects that are always flying around my head!

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