Friday, July 18, 2008

Fambly and Such

Good gravy! I have had NO time. I'm for serious, dude.

After Pokemon Boy's birthday, it was non stop. Work became hellarific for a bit there. To the point I started wondering whether I could quit and find a job and keep my house and current lifestyle. But God somehow kept me from doing anything stupid. He got me through it. Man, I have to tell you, he keeps putting me on projects with the most wonderfully helpful and supportive coworkers. Honestly, it's nuts!

I think I mentioned that I was split over two very intense projects. They are each the kind of project you really need to give 100% to. I was - in theory - 75% on one and 25% on the other. On paper, very nice. In reality, didn't happen. So a while ago, I think I sent up one of my myriad frantic prayers akin to "HELP!" Yesterday, I got news that the 75% people were letting me go. So now I'm 100% on one project. So I can finally start training, learning, ramping up and actually producing on that project. It was just a HUGE relief.

But on both projects, I found such wonderfully supportive friends. Everyone I have encountered on both projects is willing to stop and help each other. I know that's how it should be. But that's not how it always is. So when I get that, I am hugely appreciative. God keeps putting me with real cream-o-the-crop types.

So work has calmed to a dull roar for the moment. It's busy but not soul-crushing any more.

My sister was here over the last week. This is my half-sister from Oklahoma - Lil Sis Mom who visited back in March. This time, her hubby and step-daughter stayed home. The wee baby is now 7 months old, totally interactive and a giant drool factory. She was very into the boys. It was just great to have them all here. I had to work but Lil Sis Mom handled her three and my two like it was no big deal. I learned a lot about how to be firm with kids. She has a way about her where she can just snap those kids into action. So I took notes and have tried it out a few times. Just the "I am SO not kidding" kind of tone. My boys learned real fast that she wasn't kidding. And they now know that neither am I! It's amazing how far that can go. Without being mean or threatening. Just a no nonsense approach where you don't give them the option of negotiating. I think I have been a bit soft on them because of the whole divorce guilt thing.

Anyway, once again, I had a house full of guests and it was really awesome. Our two families blend really well. And Lil Sis Mom came to help me. She knows this divorce thing. She's been through one that makes mine look like a cake walk. She knows where I am in my walk. So she came down to help me. So not only did she juggle a nursing 7 month old, my two boys, her 9 yr old and her 13 yr old, but she managed to do laundry for everyone, keep dishes clean, vacuum my house, pick up the toy explosion that was my house, take the kids to the pool - by herSELF!....she amazes me.

They were here mostly for Pokemon Boy's party on the 12th. No one is ever around on the day of his birthday - July 5th. So we hit the next weekend. It was a fun time at a local inflatable place. My 42 yr old body had a rough recovery after a few hours on the bouncy things. But I had a great time.

I have no pictures yet. My camera was being repaired. Pokemon Boy's dad was there so I will eventually have some pix.

And on the divorce front, the papers will be signed in court on next Tuesday. Very odd.


ellesappelle said...

Good luck on the work front. I have been having one of those weeks from hell too, which isn't about to get much better, so I can sympathise very much.

Wanda said...

Well you life is still busy yes?

You little sis sounds like a sweetheart.

Have a great weekend.

Mary Ann said...

Your sister sounds fabulous. I'm glad she came to help you.

My only thought about Tuesday is that Wednesday will arrive. It will. The sun will come up and find you.

Leaving you a big hug.

Stacy said...

Good to see you posting again. Hope life becomes less hectic.

Mary Ann said...

Just thinking about you. Hope you're doing ok...