Friday, July 25, 2008

Feh and Fun

Tuesday, July 22nd, a nice judge signed this big fat legal document. I am officially single. I have officially re-entered name-changing hell. It was all fun the first time. Wee! I'm Mrs. So-an-so!!! Not so much the 2nd time around. Feh.

Tomorrow morning...or looking at the clock...later this morning my boys and I will be hopping on a plane to Boston. Even though the full-on 100% EX is up there, it's still home-town to me and my boys. They haven't seen it since 2005. I want to show them off. I want to get my work laptop fixed. I want to eat seafood that was pulled from the ocean mere minutes before it flopped on my plate. I want killer Vietnamese and Indian food. And Thai, now that I'm thinking of it. TexMex rocks. BBQ rocks. But my taste buds are craving real New England clam chowdah. Wikkid yah!

I may or may not have access to my work laptop while up there. It will be getting fixed at some point. So I may not post again for a while. But bottom line is - I'm fine. Much better emotionally. Work has eased up a bit. I'm off the meds again and feeling stable. My parents rock. My church rocks. My neighbors rock. All y'all rock.

See you on the flip side when I'm craving some killer BBQ and authentic TexMex!


Stacy said...

You sound like you are doing very well. :)

Hope you have a great time in Boston.

Mary Ann said...

So good to see you're doing ok after the event. As for the name changing, that's something I never did, couldn't face it at the time and have regretted it. Once the first year went by, nearly every time I sign my name, I wonder why the heck didn't I get my own name back? So happy for you that you're doing that, getting it over with.

I hope you're having a blast now in Boston. Safe travels!

Wanda said...

You sound so good....I'm tickled for you and know you and the boys will have a wonderful time in Boston.

Think of me when they flop that fresh fish on your plate... A fork please!!

Love and Hugs