Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lil'Bro Visits The ER

Today, Lil'Bro had his first visit to the ER.  It was extremely mellow for an ER visit so I'll take it!  Nothing is broken - no blood - everyone is whole and alive.  It was actually very undramatic.  Very not me.  But very Lil'Bro.

Here is a game NOT to play with your kids: any kind of tug-o-war where your kid is the rope.  Ok, all you perfect parents get the laughter and judgement out of the way now.  Pokemon Boy and I had been playing a game where lazy mom (that would be me) was laying on the couch under a nice warm blanket.  Pokemon Boy would pull on my hand as hard as he could and I would eventually let his hand go and he'd go flying onto the other couch.  Great fun!  Well, Lil'Bro wanted a go.  So I did it with him a couple of times to great laughter.  Then, Pokemon Boy pulled on the other side of Lil'Bro.  When I let go of Lil'Bro, BOTH boys went flying onto the other couch.  Even better!  The 3rd time we tried it, however, I felt a pop in Lil'Bro's right arm and he was in pain.  Stupidly, I assumed it was just a pop that meant "ow" but nothing more.  So I wiggled his arm around to show him it was fine (it wasn't) and lifted it to my face to cover it in kisses (which hurt him).

When I saw that his pain was not stopping, I decided to use the health insurance I still have for the month and take him to the ER.  One of the reasons I picked this house is because we're spitting distance from a great hospital.  And two spits away from yet another.  It's the kind of perk you hope you won't be using a lot.

I called mom, asked her if she would come hang with Pokemon Boy, and got the very pained Lil'Bro ready to go.  The poor kid.  I had to lift him into the car because he couldn't use his arm to get in.  I had to buckle him, etc.  We drove the short spit to the ER and were seen immediately (we just got in after a very busy period so they were empty!).

As it turns out, there are a myriad of other stupid parents like me out there who regularly pop their kids' arms out of socket.  Most kids are younger and get dislocated arms from the innocent swinging between two parents while walking or being swung around in circles by the hands.  Good stuff which we all do.  Apparently, even the tug-o-war fashion in which Lil'Bro got his dislocation is more common than one would think.  They even have a name for this kind of dislocation: Nursemaid's Elbow.  Which begs the question: Were nursemaids always swinging kids in fun or where they always dragging them around by the arm in frustration?  The nurse and I didn't find an answer to that one.  But it was fun musing on the subject.

Lil'Bro is insanely brave.  Let me tell you, if I ever have to have my arm popped back into place?  Knock me out.  Just dope me up.  That was AWFUL!!!  He cried and kept saying, "Please stop now!" over and over.  I probably would have screamed and kicked someone.  But he just cried and held onto Buddy (his stuffed dog) with the other hand.  After the doc got it popped back in, he asked Lil'Bro, "Are you mad at me?"  He shook his head no as he wiped tears.  "Not even a little bit mad?  It's ok if you're mad.  I would be a little mad."  Still no.  What a good kid!

They wanted to keep him for about 20 minutes to see if he could get it moving.  If not, they'd x-ray him.  After about 10 minutes, the nurse came in with 5 different colored lollipops and made him pick with his hurt arm.  He tentatively reached for a green lollipop and just kept getting better from there.  She unwrapped it for him and then gave him a walking tour of the ER.  We showed him the room Grandpa (my dad) had been in last year around this time.  He was very impressed with the size of the room and had to walk the whole perimeter to check it out.  After his little tour, his arm was fully functional and he was swinging it around and shaking hands.  So they let us go before the 20 minutes were done.  YAY!

Lil'Bro and Buddy in his ER room:

Lil'Bro picking a lolli from the nurse:

Lil'Bro and his green lolli:

As I signed the papers that basically said, "Your kid is not a tug-o-war rope, you dolt, and you have to pay a $50 copay just so you remember that" I heard Lil'Bro ask the nurse, "Can I get a lollipop to bring to my brother?"  Dude, seriously!  The nurse was impressed.  I was impressed.  Pokemon Boy was impressed when we walked in with a red lollipop for him.  Lil'Bro rocks on so many levels it's just ridiculous.


Monica said...

Kids are awesome!

C. Beth said...

A friend of mine had to take her kid to the doctor for the same thing, nursemaid's elbow. In her case, one of her older children was getting the younger child dressed, and pulled the arm just the wrong way. She brought in the child, and the doctor said, "Well, clearly this is a case of child abuse." He paused. "Just kidding!" Um, not the best thing to joke about with a freaked out parent, Doc....

I'm glad Lil' Bro is okay now! If he needs a visit from his fiancee for some comfort, let us know! :-D

Sarakastic said...

Lil Bro rocks, glad he's ok.

Stacy said...

Oh, he looks so tiny on that exam bed!

Having once had a job that involved going through loads of ER reports, I have to say much, much stranger stuff happens to kids. One of the more ridiculous reports I ever read involved a baby who had eaten hair relaxer (with a spoon, I might add. prissy baby!) that some idiot babysitter had left out. Here's the crazy part: the babysitter didn't call 911 or Poison Control or take him into the ER. No, she watched him throw up until the mom got home. I bet it was a long time before that mom trusted another babysitter with her child.

Kristen said...

Lil'Bro is the best. I'm glad he's all better. I'm glad it wasn't too serious, too - it's so horrible to see your child in pain. I remember when Pokemon Boy was passing his stitches after his surgery long ago. I'll never forget his poor little cry, "Something hurts me, Mommy!" Still kills me.

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

What is the matter with me that I cried reading this?? I'm so glad he's ok!! Hugs for all of you!

PS We got an official TS diagnosis today.

LEstes65 said...

You guys are all so awesome to always keep up with me and my family. Lil'Bro is doing well today. Using his arm without hesitation today.

Emily - I will email you offline.

Trish Ryan said...

I love your kids...and their mom, too.

Glad to hear Lil bro is okay, and that his hugging arm is back at full use!

Kendra said...

I've heard so many "nurse maid elbow" stories . . you are not alone like you said. Poor little guy. Poor mom. Glad he has a cool story (with happy ending) to tell and good for you to think to take the camera?!? ha! love you

paul said...

sophie and i both like your writing. i had to stop her from
reading cuz it's bed time.

Debor said...

I'm reading your blog for the first time. I could SOOOO see me doing this with my kids when they were little. I think the best part is that on top of it all you were taking pics of your injured little one in the ER! LOL

Lil Bro sounds like an awesome kiddo. I can't wait to read more about both your boys!