Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tics and The Power Of Prayer

I know there are plenty of people that think I'm nuts for counting on God or prayer to stave off Tourette's and its spectrum of manifestations.  Truth be told, if anyone had told be prior to 2005 that I'd really be counting on this kind of faith to counter "real life" issues that don't seem spiritual?  I probably would have thought they were nuts.  But here we are.  And here I am.  Too much direct intervention from God has happened in my life for me to turn back now.

Blah blah blah.

I just find it very interesting that, since my February 19th post, Pokemon Boy came home - almost the next day - telling me how he has felt more tics at school.  Here's a Feb 23rd email I sent to my closest friends and family asking for prayer.  Just easier to copy it here than to try to remember it all.

[PokemonBoy] has been having some facial tics develop over the last few weeks.  Most are pretty minor and unnoticeable.  But he told me tonight that he thinks he had some tics at school (most of his tics are under control while at school).  I asked him to show me.  They are all facial tics involving the mouth and cheek muscles.  The three he showed me today would be pretty noticeable but nothing too bad.  They are all hard to describe without seeing them.  But the main one I see lately is just a quick upper lip thing that exposes the top teeth very quickly.  It's usually combined with a quick crinkle of the nose too.  The other three all involved opening his mouth real wide, clinching his facial muscles and touching the sides of his face.  He told me the sides of his face felt hot (which they didn't to me).

Anyway, [PokemonBoy] has been virtually tic-free for a long time.  Since the 2006 diagnosis, I have really put this in God's hands and continue to do so.  I'm coming to you guys as my prayer warriors.  You have prayed [PokemonBoy] through his kidney stuff.  You've prayed me through my divorce.  I know you'll pray with me on this one.  Pray how you're lead but I have been asking God for the following: 
  • total healing of the Tourette's
  • [PokemonBoy] to be able to control his body
  • peace so [PokemonBoy] doesn't worry about this
  • good true friends that will always accept [PokemonBoy] no matter what
As you know, [PokemonBoy]'s Tourette's is amazing in how mild it is.  Please pray with me that it remains that way and actually completely goes away.  Most of the documentation shows that the majority of Tourette's cases are diagnosed around the ages of 8 or 9 - mostly because this is when it escalates enough for people to say, ok, this isn't just normal.  I'm trying not to pay into that belief but I will admit that it scares me with him being 8 1/2.  So prayer against giving in to that fear would help, too.

After sending out that email, I also started praying against it all with him.  Our nightly prayers usually consist of me putting my hands on him and addressing anything on our minds.  When it's prayer for healing, I always make sure my hands are on him.  I'm lucky that he also takes this very seriously.

So here we are on the 26th.  And I haven't seen any of the facial tics today.  Not even the most common one where he bares his top teeth.

I'm still all over this.  I don't believe in fast-food prayer.  Well, that's not true.  I do it all the time.  The quick once or twice prayer and then I forget.  But certain things, I am persistent.  This will be one.  This has been one.  And God will get the glory.  I have no doubt.

Just wanted to share.


mullensfam said...

I am so happy to hear this! Praise God! I know I have been praying for him, and will continue to do so. I love watching God move! He is so gracious. I love your faith, friend. Even when if you doubt yourself. It is easy to see the faith in you!

Allie said...

I will pray that this will continue.

Kendra said...

You know, sharing this encourages me and reminds me to keep on praying! Thanks . .. you teach me.

Trish Ryan said...

I'm on it! And maybe this is the perfect time to change your blog name from "Tourette's Mom" to "Rockin' Red Sox in Texas Mom" or some other such know, because that name will be obsolete soon and it's best to be ahead of the curve :)
Love you!

Charith said...

My 7 yo daughter has mild tics. Started when she was 4. Lasted for approx. 6 mos and then went away. Came back at age 7. I have been praying for healing and reading "Christ the Healer" by F. Bosworth and "Healing the Sick" by T.L. Osborn. These books, along with the Bible, tell us that healing is for all, not some. The Bible never says "Pray and you MAY be healed." It says "Pray and you WILL be healed." Everyday I pray "Thank you God for the healing that you have done, the healing you are doing now and the healing that you will continue to do." I believe in prayer and will pray for your sweet son! Bless you!

LEstes65 said...

Thanks, Charith! I will pray for your daughter, too.

dynes paredes said...

May i share this prayer for my son? Thanks.