Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In The Waiting Room With Lil'Bro

So today, the boys visited their play therapist. Pokemon Boy asked a week ago to see him after some anger issues. Things are ok with him. But while he was in with the play therapist, Lil'Bro was with me in the waiting room. The play therapist let him select some toys to bring out into the waiting room with us. Here are some snippets from our 30 minute wait:

Lil'Bro pretends to shoot me with a toy cap gun. I feign injury and collapse into a chair.
Lil'Bro: "Don't worry mom. It's a pretend gun."
"Are you sure?"

Opens side door for caps. "See? No batteries!"

Lil'Bro walks up handing me a toy.
LB: "Mom, can you help me open these hand cups?"

Aside from the cap gun and hand cuffs, Lil'Bro had also selected a plastic sword. I had no sword. But I had my iPod Touch. And I had downloaded the Lightsaber application. All it does is make light saber sounds from the Star Wars movies as you move your iPod around. It's simple, silly and it totally ROCKS. Lil'Bro was thrilled to have a 15 minute light saber/sword fight with his mom.

The waiting room has some duplo blocks and a Mr. Potato-Head/Darth Vadar set. Lil'Bro got Mr. Potato-Head all decked out and proceeded to talk real deep as he walked Mr. Potato-Head around.
LB: "I am DARTH TATER!" [which is what it's really called but it's hysterical coming out of a five year old in a "deep" voice]

Those were just some highlights of 30 minutes in a waiting room with my five year old.


C. Beth said...

Oh, my gosh, he is so cuuute!

Sarakastic said...

Great now I have to buy my nephew an ipod touch just because his only dream in life is to have a REAL light saber. Darth tater..ha

Trish Ryan said...

I love your family. Seriously.