Friday, August 06, 2010

The Boys and Their Dad

The Ex is moving back to Texas. Not only to Texas but to our town. Not only to our town but to the apartments within walking distance from our house.

The boys are understandably thrilled. I am immensely happy for them. They have missed him. And - selfishly? - I can't wait to have some help I don't feel guilty about.

I haven't written about The Ex in a while. It's hard to write honestly about it here because I don't find the bloggosphere a place for full disclosure.

He returns to his boys after much soul searching. The reality of what he did back in 2007 has finally really hit him. And I can't imagine it's easy to reconcile the good man he generally is in life with the dolt he was for the last three years.

God has been speaking some big huge stuff to me lately. Our pastor had two major lessons on forgiveness that just hit me between the eyes lately. The first right before The Ex told me he was moving back to the area. God's timing is all over this thing.

The Ex and I have worked very hard to maintain a friendship. So I will be glad to have my friend nearby.

God's working on this guy. I am looking forward to watching what He does. Because my boys deserve a Dad. Not just a voice on a phone.


Wanda said...

This is good news!

Allie said...

Love the new blog background, by the way. Very pretty!

C. Beth said...

Love the new blog background!

Excited to see what God does here. I'm so glad the boys get their dad back and you get your friend back.

Kendra said...

Man, I can't wait to see what the Lord does here, too, cousin...amazing. And I give your new "look" a 10+

Amy said...

Good news...pleased for your boys. :)

Brenda-Mom said...

Speechless. God's story of love is so far beyond what we can imagine. I pray that he will capture that heart for Himself!