Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pokemon Boy is TEN!

On July 5th, Pokemon Boy turned TEN. Double digits. And I have to tell you, I hardly see any signs of Tourette's. He'll tell you he doesn't have it any more. The director at his after school care recently told me that he's not on their watch list. They used to have to watch for his huge highs and lows. They say he's just one of the kids.

All of his teachers (school, after school, church) say that he's a hoot. We went to the doctor yesterday and he was so eloquent and polite, it just blows me away. Most adults that meet him are really taken with him.

Now and then, I see the fingers wiggling. Sometimes he's a bit fidgety. But there are no more anxiety attacks. There are no more raging outbursts. I haven't seen a facial tic or heard a verbal tic in I don't know HOW long.

It's still there a bit. He still says that when I mention it, he feels it. So I don't mention it.

I have to tell you, if you think prayer doesn't work, all I can say is, keep trying. Tenacity. Pokemon Boy and I have been praying about his Tourette's since we found out. I have prayed for complete healing. My church has. My family has. I'm still not giving up because there are teeny traces still there. I have no doubt that Pokemon Boy's amazing progress is all God. How many kids with an anxiety disorder have it just disappear? And during a divorce, his mom being laid off, etc. Yah, that is ALL God.

I just had to share that. My boy is ten. He's an amazing person. I have no doubt that God has some big plans for him. And overcoming this Tourette's thing is probably part of it.

Here's a shot for you. This was spring 2001. He was about 9 months old. Couldjya DIE?!


JWalker said...

I know you say it's all god (and for all I know... you're right!), but I think it's all you, your awesome mom-ness, and your amazing kid. Just sayin'. That is awesome.

Wanda said...

What a blessing...thanks for sharing, and a Happy Happy Birthday to the "Man".

JYB said...

Happy Birthday to Pokemon Boy! That picture is to die for. What a cutie!

C. Beth said...

All I can say is...praise God!!

(Oh, and...CUTE baby pic!) :)

Stacy said...

Happy late birthday to Pokemon Boy!

Allie said...

How very awesome. Happy belated birthday to Pokemon Boy!

Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

Happy birthday! Found you through Google. I, too, have a TS kid. I forget to pray about it. I sure do worry about it and obsess about it. If you could stick a prayer in for my little Stink (code name) I will also attempt to pray on my walk now. My poor husband. I just cried and cried and cried like a baby tonight. I'm okay somedays, but others, it's hard. Anyway, thanks for the reminder that God is good. And good luck with your ex moving close by!