Monday, January 29, 2007

"I don't think I have Tourette's any more..."

I just came down from putting The Boy to bed...again. He went to bed and we prayed as usual. I came downstairs and The Boy followed a few minutes later. He said that he hears a beeping. We asked if it was outside - no, it's in my head, he said. I asked if it was a constant high pitched thing or a beep beep beep. He laughed at the beep beep beep thing and said it's like someone saying "Theeeeeeeeeeeee" for a long time. So I'm assuming it's some kind of high pitched whine he's hearing. I've had what I thought was tinitis (sp?) before - it's a constant high pitch that sometimes you can ignore and sometimes it seems to overpower everything else around you. So I'm assuming it's like that.

Anyway, he asked me to come up and pray to God about it and I was happy to. During my prayer, I asked God that, if this was part of his cold, to please take it away. And if it's part of his Tourette's, please let him control it. At this point, The Boy goes, "Oh mom, I don't think I have Tourette's any more." I said, "That's awesome, honey!" "I still have the feeling every now and then but I don't think I have Tourette's any more." I just love his mind. To him, it's done. He's not worrying about it. I think that's great. We hear him tic'ing all the time so we know it's still kicking around. I love that, with all his worries, TS isn't one of them.

I credit God with that. We have prayed so hard over The Boy. I always ask God to give The Boy the strength to control his body. So tonight, I prayed, "If The Boy still has any Tourette's, let him control it, God."

I love God for helping The Boy handle this.

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Kendra said...

What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing - I love your little man, and I love how you model for him to just ask things you need from the Lord! You are the best.