Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Day Off With Lil'Bro

Most days, Lil'Bro asks if he can please PLEASE stay home with me. Seeing how my days should be filled with job-seeking tasks, I insist he go to school to play with his friends. Especially since his school is awesome, safe and costs me MONEY.

Yesterday, he asked again, knowing how I'd say no, you have to go play with your friends and have creative fun all day long. So when I surprised him by saying, "OK," I'm pretty sure he wasn't sure if his ears were working.

So yesterday, I kept Lil'Bro home with me. On the drive home from dropping off the elementary school boys, Lil'Bro informed me that, first, he would play his Nintendo DS. But once he was done with that, he would play with me. An itinerary at the age of 5. Nice.

We started by getting Burger King breakfast sandwiches and taking them home. This time, when the girl said, "Would you like to try some Cini-minis for a dollar today?" I actually said yes. I usually hate their marketing ploys. But today was a special day and we were going to have some Cini-minis!!

Lil'Bro was true to his word. We ate our breakfast and then he played some Nintendo DS. I started some laundry. After a short time, he informed me he was ready to play with me now. So we played Kerplunk! I never had that game as a kid. So was more than happy to buy it for my boys a couple of years ago. I love this game. Love it. It's genius is in its pure simplicity. After Kerplunk! (Lil'Bro totally won), he watched some TV while I cranked out 4 loads of laundry.

Lil'Bro was getting annoyed with his hair constantly tickling his eyes. So he suggested a hair cut (trim). Nice because he needed one. So he sat still for a haircut.

For lunch, I gave him the choice. Bad idea. Back to Burger King for some chicken tenders, apple fries and Star Trek toys. After lunch, we stopped by CVS, filled the car with gas and went to visit grandma and grandpa.

After picking up the school boys, they all stayed at my house. Homework was completed in record time. Then we had freezer pops and freeze tag in the back yard. There was only a few times I needed to intervene. Pretty much, they were all awesome and entertained themselves. I made lemonade, peeled a few oranges, handed out an apple or two. It was very nice and very low maintenance.



Neighbor E.G.:

Neighbor A.R.:

Freeze Tag:

This time off to pretend at being a stay at home mom is probably some of the best time I've had in my life. I wish Monster.com had listings for stay at home moms. Darn.


Allie said...

It sounds awesome!

C. Beth said...

Oh, what a fun day! That's awesome.

But I have to say, the most exciting part for me was when I read "Star Trek toys." And then thought, "I need to buy a BK Kids meal--FOR MYSELF!" I'm really excited about this movie. (And holding an "L" to my forehead as I type.)

Stacy said...

Cini minis rock.

Lil' Bro is such a cutie. You have such wonderful kids, Lynette.

And what are apple fries? They sound like the cause of my next 10 lbs of flab.

I don't have ADD despite the appearance of this post.

Jane said...

what a great day you guys had! I think it's a blessing to be in the position to do that right now. Enjoy this time :))


LEstes65 said...

C.Beth - are you kidding? As soon as I can find a sitter, I'm hitting Wolverine and Star Trek!!!!

Stacy - thanks! And apple fries are just peeled apples, cut into "fries". It's awesome! I just wish they'd offer them for adult meals!

Allie & Jane - thanks!