Friday, May 29, 2009

A Love Letter

Dear [every restaurant that facilitates online delivery],

I love you.

I love you with every lazy fiber in my soft doughy body. My sand-blasted sinuses thank you. My gray, pasty, mouth-breathing face thanks you. My vice-gripped forehead thanks you. But most of all, my hungry boys thank you.

Yours forever,

The Chick That Just Ordered Two Pizzas


Tucker Hart said...

Thanks, Lynette, I will now not be happy until I shove pizza into my face. Home Slice, here I come!!

Also: I hope you feel better!

LEstes65 said...

Mmmmmm...Home Slice. Wish they'd open one up here.

Trish Ryan said...

You crack me up, as usual. Ate pizza three of the past five days, so I feel pretty connected with the delivery folks here in our new town!

Mary Ann said...

Imo's in St. Louis. If you ever come here, stop by and we'll order in, ok?