Friday, May 01, 2009

Which Level Did Dante Have Spammers In?

Dear comment spammer "Sexy",

Thank you ever so much for spamming my comments with your strange Asian characters that were live links to who knows what kind of sites. Thank you so much for putting your useless and annoying spam comments on 10 of my posts, in no particular order, spanning 3 years of my entries. That was fun, going to each one and deleting your comments. Good times, that.

And thank you for forcing me to have to use Comment Mediation. Because, you know, I love having an extra layer of work to go read and approve comments on my blog. I'd like to thank you for making it difficult for my actual friends and family to see real-time comments in my posts. I'd like to thank you for making the choice to join the scum of the earth career path of spamming. You're only one rung higher than hackers, in my book.

So thank you for making me break from my usual attempts at supporting families of Tourette's children or spreading light and laughter. Because these kinds of asides are just uplifting to everyone. So, well done "Sexy".

Oh, and on the subject of your obvious misnomer, your spamming efforts are anything but sexy. Please feel free to do some emotional house cleaning and let me know if you join the human race.

Tourette's Mom - a new addition to the comment moderating bloggers


C. Beth said...

Oh, this is a huge annoyance for me too. The last time one of my blogs got spammed there were I'm thinking about 20 different posts with their spam comments? SOOOOOO freaking annoying.

Allie said...

ooh, "Sexy" messaged me too. But only once.

Sarakastic said...

Sexy hit my blog too and I have comment moderation enabled.

Stacy said...

I got a visit from Sexy as well. Which sounds more exciting than it is.

Jaime Babstock said...

Yes, 'sexy' is making the rounds. Maybe he should call himself 'slutty.'

By the way, love your blog!