Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Braggin' On Me Boy-O.

Pokemon Boy had the last award ceremony of the year this past Monday. They give out cool dog tags for different things. At the end of the year, they try to make sure everyone has at least one dog tag. But Pokemon Boy got a few I'm pretty durn proud of. There's actually 2 missing from this shot. He got 4 "All-A's Honor Roll" dog tags - one for each quarter. Then he got the gold one because he got "All-A's Honor Roll" ALL YEAR LONG. [How this kid got this smart is beyond me.] He's the lazy mom's dream kid. I'm so wikkid proud. In the immortal words of Stella - "My heart is FULL!"

Check it, yo! My 3rd grader got these:

I should mention here that his teacher (and all school staff) is phenomenal. She worked so patiently with him since she took over his class just after the holidays. She seemed to find such a balance between allowing for his anxiety issues and holding him accountable for his actions. We love her and are lucky to count her as a friend.


C. Beth said...

Way to go, Pokemon Boy!

I love the dog tag idea. That's super cool.

I'm thinking his mama's smarts may have something to do with his....

JFinn said...

Yay! Congratulations!!