Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Teachers

Tomorrow, we have the meet & greet at the elementary school. I'm not worried about Lil'Bro's teacher. He's pretty flexible. I've seen him flourish with different teachers at his preschool. He'll do fine. I'm always curious to see Pokemon Boy's teacher. Even though his Tourette's is very mild, he can still have emotional outbursts that seem to come from nowhere. Teachers that aren't ready to handle this (from any child, actually) worry me.

Last year, he started with one teacher. When I met her, she was nice. But kind of...I dunno...distant. Or walled off. When I told her his Tourette's was mild and she'd probably never see huge physical tics, she almost fell over with relief. That was not a good sign. I never got the sense that she bonded with any of the kids. Pokemon Boy loved her but then, he's a sweet and loyal kid. If the teacher isn't outright mean, he'll love him/her. But I never saw the connection we'd been lucky enough to have with his first and second grade teachers. Mid-year, that 3rd grade teacher "retired" with less than a week's notice. His new teacher was the bomb! Same caliber as his awesome 1st & 2nd grade teachers. She CARED. You could see it in every way she interacted with each kid. When he had bad days, I could tell it just pained her. I could tell all she wanted to do was find a way to help him. She really helped him ride out the 2nd half of the year and flourish even though he had his anxiety and anger issues.

This year, his former 1st grade teacher transferred into our school - as a 4th grade teacher!!! We hoped and hoped and she actually requested him. But alas, 'tis not to be. I don't know who he has. I just know it's not her. Which is too bad because she had a real knack for dealing with him during his meltdowns.

So tomorrow I go to meet his teacher. I've been asking God to send him the perfect teacher. I've been asking that for both boys. I'm not worried. But I will be watching to see how she interacts with Pokemon Boy. And I have to have the conversation I hate having. Making sure she knows about his Tourette's, making sure she understands how it manifests, etc. I hate the conversation because I feel like it kind of dooms him to it. Or I worry that the teacher thinks I'll just excuse any bad behavior from him, chalking it up to his anxiety disorder. But I have to put it in his files. And I want to assure the new teacher that he's on the mild end of the spectrum. And that I'm her partner. I work with her to understand when a "bad day" might be related to Tourette's. And even if it is, sometimes he gets consequences at home. It just depends. So I want the teacher to understand that I'm not hands-off. I'm not expecting her to deal with it all while I wash my hands of it.

I think too much.

Anyway, I'll let you know what I think after I meet the teachers. So far, every teacher I've met at this school is really awesome. So I'm hopeful.

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Tucker Hart said...

You're an awesome mom. You're such an inspiration to me.