Saturday, August 08, 2009

Various Sad Commentaries On My Love Life

These are things recently said by Lil'Bro. Cute but tragic, too.

When The Ex was here for a recent visit with them, we all went out to lunch. As all four of us sat down, Lil'Bro exclaimed for all to hear, "This is so AWESOME! It's like daddy never divorced you. Except he DID!"

After The Ex left to return to his home 1600 miles away: "I wish daddy never divorced you." To which I replied, "I'm sorry bud. But we're ok, right?" And he agreed.

Just now, Lil'Bro was looking through some cool polished stones I have. One is just a glass heart. He pulled it out:
Lil'Bro: Is this from dad?
Me: I suppose it was.
Lil'Bro (sniffing it): It doesn't smell like love. [pauses] does to YOU.

Nope. It doesn't.

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