Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Braggin' On Me Big Boy-o...Again...

Today was the assembly for 4th graders. They don't get as many dog tags as kindergartners. So it was a much shorter assembly.

Pokemon Boy got an A/B Honor Roll dog tag. I'm so very proud of him. Last year, he got All-A Honor Roll all year. But this year is his first year in the gifted advanced math program. So he has had to struggle. He's brought home tests and homework with grades spanning the alphabet. I didn't think he'd get the honor role this semester due to the struggle of adjusting to the kind of effort most of us have to put into math. The years of coasting are over for him. But he's worked hard. He stepped up when he wanted to quit. This A/B Honor Roll rocks. He missed the All-A because of one B. And that was in math. Which makes sense.

My boys are a mother's dream. They make my life so awesome.


b-dub said...

BAH! For some reason my link to your page only took me back to your cell-phone update in May, so I thought you hadn't updated since then. Imagine what clicking on the banner can do?!

You are an excellent scribe, a great mom and a beautiful friend. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Barrie said...

Isn't it great to have kids who do well in school? Congrats to your two boys! And to you!