Monday, November 23, 2009

Spoiler Alert!

Do not read this if you believe in Santa.

Many moons ago, The Ex and I decided that we'd let the boys believe in Santa as long as they wanted. But if they ever ask outright, we'd tell them the truth.

When Pokemon Boy was little - like somewhere around two and a half - he visited a mall with a professional Santa. A few days later, he saw another Santa. Totally different. When the man said hi in character, my little 2 yr old genius recoiled, pointed and said, "You're not Santa."

Around the age of three, he asked if Santa was real. We told him, no, he's not. He's a nice concept and it's fun to be generous and pretend. I don't really recall what we said. He was very ok with the answer. So we assumed that Christmas, we'd be Santa-free. But as Christmas rolled around, he kept asking how Santa would get in (we had no fire place). How would he find us (we had just moved to a different town). The Ex and I just shrugged and went along with his selective memory.

He was five when we moved to Texas. That year, he asked again and again we told him Santa wasn't real. That one took. But we told him how we like to pretend and still leave cookies out, etc. It didn't ruin anything for him. He still loves his stocking. He still loves his big Santa gift by the fire place.

SO...along comes Lil'Bro. As we kept the myth alive for Lil'Bro, PB would mention Santa-type things and give me a wink. My co-conspirator. Too funny.

Last week, Lil'Bro asked me, "Mom, is Santa real?" I asked, "Do you really want to know?" "Yes," he replied. PB came closer - preparing to do some damage control. "Well, honey," I began, "no. Santa is not real." Lil'Bro's face blanched. A look of pain brought his eyebrows together. A little piece of my heart broke. Oh man, look what you've done. I answered so matter-of-factly. PB had no issues either time we told him. He was like, "Hmm...interesting." Not so with Lil'Bro.

Both PB and I tried to reassure Lil'Bro that it's ok and how we can still pretend and it doesn't change any part of the holiday, etc. His pained look didn't change. I said, "Are you ok with this?" He shook his head. "I just want Santa to be real," he said in the saddest little voice. I said, "Honey, you can believe whatever you want."

A few minutes passed. Then Lil'Bro started asking PB and me questions about Santa. So apparently, he decided to discard the painful and unacceptable information. I can respect that. Sorry. I don't like that information. I'll just put that right over here [plunk] and move on.

So the week has passed with many questions about how Santa makes it all the way around the world in one night. How does he know which presents go to which house. How does he get in with no chimney.

When he's ready for the spoiler, he can ask again.


Wanda said...

Oh Lynette ~~ How I remember this conversation about 40 years ago with our children. Some children accept the "fact" so easily, others, very painful.
I remember my Dad telling me when he decided not to believe in Santa Claus...They were very poor, and worked hard for everything. One Christmas when he was about 10 the neighbor boy got a bike and my dad got a small pocket knife... He said Santa is fair, cause I'm been as good at the neighbor boy. It was then he decided Santa wasn't such a good idea. That day he became a young man!.

Happy Thanksgiving....
BTW I still believe!!!

C. Beth said...

That is so sweet. It'll probably be LB's last year "believing" in Santa, and I bet next year he'll be more okay with the truth. Great job, Mama. :)

JFinn said...

I remember finding out Santa wasn't real. It was one of the worst days of my life (back then). I cried and cried. I like that Li'l Bro is choosing what to believe. I think I'll do that, too, and believe that Santa IS real!

b-dub said...

What is this strange language you use? Santa...not real??? Typos???

Trish Ryan said...

Lil Bro is no dummy. Stay strong LB, stay strong :)