Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An Aside - Past Loves That Would Never Be

So I was reading a favorite blog by Sarakastic and saw her post today was about past "loves" - ie celebrity crushes from her past. Her list totally cracked me up. So I will jump on her band wagon and share with you some of the crushes I had as a young girl.

Now mind you, I was always one for the under dog. I always felt horrible for the celebrity that lived in the shadow of another (usually less deserving) celebrity. If you keep that in mind, my list will make a bit more sense to you.

Bobby Sherman
Poor Bobby lived in the shadow of David Cassidy and Donny Osmond. He outrocked them both. And he appeared on the Partridge Family once, I believe. I had a poster of him in my room (thanks to my brothers, I think) that I kissed goodnight almost every night. I had this album cover hanging in my band's rehearsal space in Boston in the 90's (much to the dismay of the boys in the band). He's an EMT now, I believe. Honorable in retirement. That's my boy.

Lee Majors (circa Big Valley)
When I was little, I had this big idea that my dad looked like Elvis Presley and Lee Majors. To me, my dad was infinitely more handsome. But I did have a big crush on Heath Barkley on Big Valley. He was the most handsome of the brothers. He was quiet and brooding. And Lee Majors had that way of squinting with one eyebrow raised that reminded me of young Clint Eastwood.

Parker Stevenson

Parker had to play second fiddle to the vapid Shawn Cassidy on the Hardy Boys. Parker totally had it goin' ON! My junior high room was covered with pictures of him pulled from such lofty publishing as 'Tiger Beat' and 'Teen Beat'. He didn't make the cover as often as Leif Garret (whose name I can't spell and don't care enough to research) but I didn't care. I loved parker even until after his divorce from Kirsty Alley. Still think he's adorable.

Sam Elliot
Now I have to admit that my love for Parker lead to this crush. Parker and Sam were in this awful movie called 'Lifeguard'. I think that was my first time seeing Sam Elliot. He was an older man with a sexy mustache (and might I add, I can't stand mustaches). I was smitten. But I generally have always liked him because he's a great character actor and has a sexy voice. And I'm a dork. I couldn't find a good shot from the movie but this is a great shot of the man and his 'stache.

Steve McQueen
Not quite the underdog you say? Well, he wasn't quite as huge a heart throb as many others in his day. He was another one that was way under rated compared to some in his day. He was amazing. Quiet and smoldering characters that were hard but usually had heart. He was amazing in everything from 'The Magnificent Seven' to 'The Great Escape' to 'Papillon'.

Johnny Depp
Yes, I've left the world of the underdog here. But let me say, I jumped on this bandwagon back when Johnny was almost nerdly in 'Platoon'. It was solidified in the schlocky but wonderful '21 Jump Street'. And I nearly puked up my heart when I saw him teaching that girl to kiss in 'Cry Baby'! This shot was from 'Cry Baby' and just proves why anyone in their right mind would fall for Johnny! I dare you not to think that's absolutely freaking dreamy.

Billy Zane
I like the Billy Zane from the movie 'Orlando' - before he was pulled into attempts at making him an action hero (like the horrid 'Sniper'). He's usually sans hair these days - like in 'Titanic', he had some hair piece glued to his head. Honestly, with a budget like that, they couldn't have made the wig look a bit less like a wig? I do have to say he's pretty hot bald - but I liked him best in his long-haired Orlando snippet.

Christian Bale
Another one not quite in the underdog category. However, I feel Christian is sadly underated. Not only is he wonderfully easy on the eyes but he's a great actor. I first saw him in 'Newsies', 'Swing Kids' and 'Little Women' - he was rather too young for me to crush on then. But he has grown up and has earned a place in my "if [insert name here] is in the movie, I'll watch it no matter how bad" category. He single-handedly redeemed the Batman movie genre in my mind. So he was the American Psycho. So what? I'll take two, please.


Sarakastic said...

Ha this is hilarous, thanks for introducing me to Parker Stevenson. By the way, it would be a pleasure to name your next band, since "Glass" is already taken, I'll really have to put my thinking cap back on. Although if you guys ever wanted to reunite you could come back as "water glass". Thanks for one of the funniest comments on any blog ever!

Kendra said...

I am so not good with actors names. I did, however, have a bulletin board full of Michael J. Fox as a teen, and Donny would say that I've had an ongoing crush on Matthew McConahay (sp?) for a few years now. They have to be none underdog for sure for me to notice their name!! I have to confess I only recognized one name from your list, but knew a couple of them after reading your descriptions!!