Monday, February 26, 2007

Will We Throw Up In Heaven?

At 1:45am this morning, I was awakened by The Boy at the side of my bed telling me he needed to go to the bathroom. For some reason, he feels the need to tell us - maybe getting permission? Not sure. So, as usual, I said, "Go ahead, hon," wondering why he needs to wake me from my sound sleep to do this. He called me in and I arose from my way-comfy bed, feeling a bit annoyed. He told me his throat feels funny - he thought he might throw up. Now, you might think me a callous mom here. But The Boy gets this feeling quite frequently because he works himself up and gets upset over a real or imagined problem. So sometimes, when he wakes up and is really tired, he can get all worked up and is convinced he's going to throw up. In my mind, I assumed that's what was happening. I was helping him off the toilet and kneeling down to pull up his PJ bottoms. My ears - right at his chest level - pick up the tell-tale gurgling. He was about to blow. Before I could get him turned around, face pointing to the toilet, he just erupted. If I hadn't been so tired and grossed out, I would have totally laughed at the absolute comedy of his projectile vomiting as I turned him around (thus, getting a nice arching spray all over our toilet room). It's the type of thing you'd see in a National Lampoon movie and laugh your butt off. Not quite so when you are partially in the line of fire.

So hubby jumped to our rescue, getting new clothes (and he needed new EVERYthing), the mop, the bucket, the cleaning supplies, latex gloves, etc.

As I was helping The Boy finish puking in the right direction and then helping clean him up, I noticed he hadn't cried. I told him he was very brave and I was so proud of how he handled it without crying. He said, "Yah, I didn't cry. I just wish there was no such thing as throwing up." I agreed. Then he asked, "Will we throw up in heaven?" I assured him that there would be no throwing up in heaven. He said asked, "How do you know?" And in true tired motherly fashion, I answered in my most reassuring voice, "I promise you, there is NO throwing up in heaven." He accepted that.

We got The Boy off to bed, cleaned up the bathroom (I wiped down everything with bleach & water), got me changed (yick), put everything in the wash and got back to bed somewhere a bit closer to 3am. The Boy is feeling better today. No one else has tossed any cookies.

I look forward to not cleaning up any puke in heaven.


Kendra said...

I'm so sorry. I hate puke. I hate anticipating it coming with your kids and not knowing where their little heads are going to turn to shoot it . . ick. Glad no one else has joined in!! Are you and Wright taking your apple cider vinegar like the Hawkins girls taught us???

Wanda said...

What a wonderful story. My children are all grown now, and however "ugg awful" those moments of motherhood are, I truly miss them. They are moments of teaching truth....and you did, so beautifully. I found your post through Darlene...I will visit you often. I'm brand new a blogging and am working on getting my banner going. It's very generic, but that OK, its a start.

Sarakastic said...

Heaven rocks! This post proves what a good mom you are.

Angela Marie said...

My kids are all grown up also.... and I am with Wanda! I miss even this.

I have three little dogs now. One of them had a rough (excuse the pun) night. I was up all night with her! She is doing better.

I found you through Wanda.