Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Boy's Poem for Saundra

Tomorrow is the last sermon by our current pastor, Barry. They move back to California next week. It's pretty darned sad for us. I mean, we love love LOVE the new incoming pastor, Kenny, and his family. But it's so hard to say goodbye.

Barry's wife, Saundra, is one of The Boy's Sunday school teachers. He always wants to get to church early to help Saundra set up. When I have to teach, The Boy sits with Saundra in service until children's church starts. The Boy LOVES Saundra. And it's mutual. Saundra has always appreciated The Boy on so many levels. And when we discovered he had TS, she and all of The Boy's other Sunday school teachers were fantastically supportive.

Tomorrow, after service, we're having a luncheon to honor Barry & Saundra. Yesterday, I told The Boy he might want to make a card for Saundra. He went and got a large piece of red card-stock paper, folded it in half and here is what he did:

Front cover (in multi-colored pencil): A good bye poem By me

Inside poem (in regular pencil - and this is exactly how he wrote it):
I thank you for being
my teacher so long.
Here's a poem
without a song.
Saundra, you are No. 1
I have to admit
you're very fun.
If there's a flat tire
a tow truck will tow it
And youre going to move.
C'mon, let's show it!
Why did the chicken
cross the street?
To get a donut
she wants to eat.
Why did the Frog
cross the road?
I know why.
So why did the toad?

That was his first draft, my friends. I cannot WAIT for Saundra to get this. She just gets The Boy and loves his creativity. This poem just kills me! It made me laugh and The Boy just giggled so hard when I got to the funny parts and laughed out loud. I think this will help Saundra get through all of her goodbyes tomorrow.

The Boy rocks.


Kendra said...

Amen! He will bless her indeed . .

Trish Ryan said...

Heee! Bless that creative little dude! Saundra will treasure that forever :)

I'm fasting from blog surfing for the 40 Days of Faith after today, so I'm so glad I got to see this before!!!