Friday, March 02, 2007

Dinosaurs in Heaven and Other Items

The Boy is six. He's in first grade. He's obsessed with heaven. Normal for this age. And it makes for great conversations.

Today he asked me if I thought dinosaurs would be their original size in heaven or would they be small. This came after his declaration that he would like to have some dinosaurs in heaven. REAL dinosaurs. I said I imagine that, if we have physical bodies in heaven, they'd be their original sizes. He was concerned that their size might make them a danger - they might accidentally squash someone. I explained that, I imagine God has all of that worked out. I mean, if someone in heaven has some aspect that might be a danger to others (like the size of dinosaurs), I imagine God has that figured out and no squashing will happen. In my mind, I was picturing these invisible force fields around the dinosaurs so they'd gently push us wee ones out of the way. Ha!

The other day, he was wondering if the dinosaurs would try to eat each other or us in heaven. I told him that I was sure that, in heaven, God has everything set up so we enjoy life there. So we probably only need to eat for pleasure. No one will have to kill anything or anyone. I'm sure that God will provide food that we'll all love and that no living thing had to die to provide. The Boy was pretty glad about that.

Another question, I believe from yesterday, was "Will I be able to do everything I want to in heaven?" I thought about it and figured that, if you're in heaven, you won't want to be doing anything evil so I said, I'm sure you will be able to. He said, "I mean, like, will I have to go to school?" I told him that I believe that, when you die, God lets you know everything about everything. So there really would be no need for school. Plus, I told him, you're going to be so busy meeting everyone and hearing their stories and telling your stories, you really won't have time for school. He asked what I meant. I have this vision of heaven from a song I heard once. That we all get up there and we'll meet people and just sit around telling each other our stories. The Boy asked if he would be able to meet people like Moses or Martin Luther King Jr. I said, oh yes. But also, we'll meet tons of very interesting people that never got their names in a book.

I like seeing things through his eyes.


Wanda said...

I think the smartest people in the world are six year olds. Liam is one of them. What wonderful insightful questions. And Mom, what great answers. I would love being your kid.

ellesappelle said...

Interesting thoughts there. I love how kids have such a freshness; any question is worth asking because it's creative and imaginative, not because it's useful or crucial or ... adult.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way!

Angela Marie said...

ahhh... this is wonderful! You had some great answers to some great questions!