Sunday, March 11, 2007

An Aside - Where Would You Go?

So one of the bloggers I love to visit, Ellesappelle, had a really cool post that asked where would you like to visit in the world and why. I thought it was an interesting thought and decided to put my list here. Which shows that all is well in The Boy's world because I have nothing else to write about.
  1. England/Scotland/Ireland - why? They're freakin' GORGEOUS, are you kidding me? I've only been to England and only to London and Cornwall. What kills me about these countries is that, when you walk around and look at their landmarks, it makes our American historical landmarks look like newborns. Ancient has a whole new meaning over there.

  2. The United States - this might sound trite but let me put it this way. I've had layovers in tons of US cities. But I've only been able to stay in and really explore a few states. If you haven't gotten to stay at least 4 days in a city or state, you haven't really "been" there, in my opinion. I have friends that fly around for business and claim to have been to all the states or most of them. But I defy them to describe the local feel or color to me of all those places. So I'd love to get in an RV and just travel around the country.

  3. Jamaica - I've been there and it's incredible. And I didn't get to see as much as I wanted. Although, I steered clear of the awful places like Hedonism or any resort where you never get to mingle with people who actually live there aside from them waiting your tables. That island ROCKS.

  4. The Philippines - now this one scares me. I admit it. I'm chicken on quite a few levels. I'm not sure I could handle seeing the incredible poverty. I would probably have this problem with quite a few countries. But I want to see this country because my birth-father's family comes from there. I think he's the only of his siblings born in the US. I'm told by a couple of my aunts that it's incredibly beautiful there. I'd like to check it out for the whole roots factor thing.

  5. The Entire Fertile Crescent - if there was no such thing as war, I'd be over there all the time. The history there blows my mind. Makes all western civilizations look like infants. I'd love to see places with names that I've read in history books and bibles. It just fascinates me to think this is where civilization started and this is where it apparently is falling apart. But being a chicken, I won't go there with all this unrest. Bawk bawk.

  6. Amsterdam/The Netherlands - everything I've heard just fascinates me. And since I haven't smoked anything for over a decade, you can count THAT reason right out. I have friends that live over there and their photographs are amazing.

  7. Venice/Italy - Venice intrigues me because I want to see a city built on giant stilts. Honestly, that just sounds like science fiction to me. I want to ride the canals. Yes, I'm a tourist. Sue me. I want to see lots of other parts of Italy because it was the seat of the Roman empire. I love that stuff. It's another place where I want to walk in cities and provinces whose names I've read about or seen in turgid, over dramatic VistaColor movies.

  8. The African Continent - the origin of man. Yah, I wanna see that. It amazes me how many different places and types of land that continent contains. It could take a life time to tour it well.

  9. Japan - this one I have trouble with because I hate going some place and just expecting them all to speak my language. I understand English is largely spoken over there but it feels arrogant to me to expect it. I'd want to be able to walk into any place and know what they're saying and how to order my own food.

  10. The World - let's be honest. If there was no war anywhere and money were no object, I'd just be running around the world. There isn't a place on this earth that doesn't hold absolute interest for me. How do you narrow it down?
So there you go. Those are just the ones that popped into my head as I wrote this. Where would YOU go and why?


Angela Marie said...

This was such a good post!
I agree with your comments on each of them that you had noted.

Since I have been blogging... and seeing all parts of the world from here, I have really been wanting to explore the world! There are so many places I want to go, smell, taste, touch and see!

I want the experience first hand!

Sarakastic said...

Canada, just because no one ever picks Canada. If countries were Brady Bunch characters, Canada would be Jan. I guess it just comes from me also being a middle child, but I would pick Canada.

LEstes65 said...

Sarakastic - as always, you crack me up. Canada is definitely Jan! That is hysterical. I wonder if America is the annoying little tattletale sister (Thindy) or the arrogant older sister (Marsha Marsha MARSHA!).

Wanda said...

WOW! I feel like I've been around the world in 80 seconds! You've been to so many wonderful places, and just reading about each one of them was exciting. I feel like calling Southwest. You are a wonderfully funny lady. I love reading your posts.
Need some one to carry your lugage on your next trip?

ellesappelle said...

Great list! Amsterdam especially. You're right, it is fascinating. No. 10 though - what a cop-out! Just kidding... I too found it hard narrowing down the whole world to ten countries. I think you were wise letting yourself pick options like "the entire African continent"!

Stacy said...

I love how you end with the world. Life would be more fun if we were all nomadic.