Friday, March 30, 2007

An Aside: Interview With a Vamp

One of my favorite bloggers was recently interviewed by another blogger pal. Beck was kind enough to offer an interview to any who asked. I love this stuff. Here are my questions from Beck:

1. Which insect do you find the most beautiful?
What a very interesting question - seeing as how most insects really set my skin to crawling. But there are gorgeous ones. I'm going to read "beautiful" here as meaning beautiful to look at. The first thing that popped into my mind was butterflies or moths. Their wings and patterns are rather obvious. But I thought about it a bit more to be fair to the entire insect kingdom and I'd have to say some of the larger beetles - the kind that have iridescent shells that change subtly in the light (like this stag beetle). Mind you, I don't want said beauties in my house or on my person. But they really are gorgeous if you can just get your mind to let go of the "ew bugs!" factor.

2. Which actress - past or present - would play you in the movie of your life?
Oh what a totally delicious question! Now you will see what living in a fantasy world for most of my life is like. To play the teenage me, it would have to be the young Valerie Bertinelli - like from when she first started on 'One Day at a Time'. It's close enough. I wasn't quite that adorable-cute. But it's a relatively close match - she has a small nose like me. And she was sweet, goofy and innocent. Like I was back then. But to play me in my mid 20s - my debauched era - that would have to be more like Anne Baxter - ala Nefretiri in 'The 10 Commandments'. She's got the attitude, the wikkid raisable eyebrows and the bangs. Oh and she would get my drama-queen overacting down pat! The sensible later me...I have no idea. Are there any sensible brunette actresses in Hollywood? Ones that can still have that spark and attitude while not destroying anything? Let me know.

3. If you could change one thing about your typical day, what would it be?
Well, I've been kvetching about it for months. I would somehow eliminate the need for working for Corporate America. Well, working a "job" at all. I don't mind working in the home - and that is killer hard work. But it doesn't pay well unless you're independently wealthy or married to someone who can bring home the bacon, eh? I'm the bacon bringer. But I would love to change that I have to do a job that I no longer love. It's hard to sit there watching the wonderful people I work with getting a cattle prod in the arse every day when they don't deserve it. I mean, imagine having enough resources that you could pick your job! Pick something you love. I could actually go back to singing! Or I could volunteer at a senior living place. Don't know why but I think seniors get forgotten and need someone to come in and make them laugh or take them out. Imagine being able to wake up and just pick whatever you wanted to do that day! And I'm meaning something that will contribute to the good in life. Not just sitting in my underwear watching bad daytime TV all day. That's what I would change. Find me a winning lottery ticket!!!

4. You can have a 50% discount at any store of your choice, for life. Which store do you choose?
Hmmmm...fifty percent? Well, I'm lucky enough to be able to afford the "affordable" stores that I frequent. So I'd use this choice to make some not-so-affordable store more affordable for me. But which one. I was thinking William Sonoma...but then, how many $300+ toasters and $100+ sets of utensils can one person have/use in a life time? I am SO not a shopper. That's my problem. I do blitzkrieg shopping - if I need something, I go and get it. I don't shop around. I know my brand loyalties and I know you pay for quality (I like to when I can afford to). Let me think here. We'll always have to eat. So...if I could afford to, I would only eat organic. We try but it's so expensive. So maybe I'd just get a 50% life discount at Whole Foods. That would be sweet. I mean, those killer brownies, tiramisu or chocolate mousse for half off? Yes please. Yah. That's what I'd pick. Man, that took me long enough!

5. Which one thing always makes you smile?
Ask a happy mom this question and I'm sure you can guess the answer. I'll cheat here by saying "my kids" is one thing. But The Boy and Lil Bro can almost always elicit a smile from me. They are amazing amazing creatures and I marvel that they came from two such imperfect people. Those of you who are enduring the teen years might be smirking at this answer. But they're 6 and 3 - still young enough to think I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. Still young enough to find wonder in almost anything. Still young enough to think anything is possible and that most things are good. Oh man, just thinking about them makes me smile and want to cry all at once.

Wow. My first interview where I didn't get misquoted! All interviews should be fill in the blank or take-home like these. Honestly, you say the most inane drivel when asked on the spot. And then they always get it wrong anyway. Thanks Beck!

Anyone want some interview questions? Just say the word and I'll do my best!

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- 04/06 edit: Jenkneebee got interviewed, too! Here it is.


Sarakastic said...

That beetle almost looks like a brooch...I would totally watch a movie about your life we need to get Valerie on the phone stat! Oh oh oh make questions for me questions for me! puhleaase

Owlhaven said...

Fun interview--I like ladybugs, personally!

Here from Frog and Toad's!

Mary, mom to many

ellesappelle said...

Cool interview! I would love some questions :)

Beck said...

Anne Baxter! Now THAT is an actress! And I agree with you about that beetle - so shiny and pretty. I DO like beetles.
I'm glad you liked your questions!