Monday, March 19, 2007


YEAH! YIPPEEE!!!! God Rocks!!! Thanks for your prayers. I have to tell you, I had already made up my mind that I had shingles and figured God would just get me through it. But I don't! WOOOO-HOOO!!!! I have an inflamed trigeminal nerve. It can give you the same symptoms of pre-erupting shingles. But no blisters and way less pain, I'm told. If it was shingles, I would have shown blisters by now. There's no real treatment except to treat what might be inflaming the nerve. Which seems to be some kind of bacteria right now - so I'll remain on the antibiotics for now. If I'm not significantly better by Wed or Thur, she's going to check me out again and see what's up. Or if I do present with blisters, I have to call right away. But for now, we're going with inflamed trigeminal nerve. WOOOO-HOOOO!!!

The needle pin prick pain and itching is driving me to distraction but I'll take this over the pain I've heard you have from shingles any day!

For dorks like me who like to know way more than they ever need to know:

Thanks for your prayers!


Wanda said...

YaHoo! We do have a great God! I'm so glad the report was better news that you expected. God likes to surprise us like that doesn't he.
I praying today will be filled with sunshine, and lots of plesant surprises for you!
Love ya, XOXO

Sarakastic said...

Umm, congratulations on your inflamed trigeminal nerve! Hope you feel better

Stacy said...

What Sara said :)

Beck said...

That's wonderful news! I do hope that you're feeling better today.

Angela Marie said...

I am going to the next post!