Saturday, March 31, 2007

Smuckers Jelly and Rocket Science & Buckets

Smuckers Jelly:
The Boy cracks me up. The other morning, we're cuddling on the couch together before getting him ready for school (my totally FAVORITE time of the week day!). He told me, "I wish I had a normal name." Interesting since I think The Boy's real name is kind of unique (as long as you don't live in Boston) but it's not all out-there and wacky (which I actually like but chose not to do to my kids). So I said, yah, I used to want that when I was little, too. I told him how, when I was little, it really upset me that I couldn't find mugs, bracelets, shirts, etc. with my name on it. When I rarely found a "L.y.n.e.t.t.e" item, it was spelled with two N's or some other such horribly insulting spelling issue. I told him that the name I wanted to change it to was....and I'm not really sure where this came from....Maryanne. Yah. That was the name I always used when playing house or any other game that required an alternate identity. I don't think it came from Gilligan's Island. But I don't know. Anyway, we had this nice little talk and I asked him what - if any - name he would change his to. He thought very seriously for a bit and announced, "Smuckers Jelly," then burst into giggles. Well with a name like Smuckers...

Rocket Science & Buckets:
I know this makes me sound like a horrible mother but I'm going to tell you this one anyway. The Boy is smart (academically) beyond his 6 years. Always has been ahead of his peers. Lil Bro is normal smart. He's right on track for a 3 year old. We joke about this - borrowing some imagery from the Steve Martin movie, 'Parenthood' - Steve Martin's character has some in-laws that are those competitive parents. And they're bragging about getting their kid into some hoity toity school or something. They're going on and on about how exceptional their kid is or how important it is to get them into good schools. And Steve's character's youngest boy comes running into the room with a bucket on his head and proceeds to bang it over and over against the wall. Insult to injury. So, I've joked that The Boy is sitting there doing differential equations while Lil Bro is running around with a bucket on his head. This is obviously a figurative image that is only funny to my husband and me. And only when we're sure the boys don't hear.

This afternoon, I walked into the living room to find Lil Bro laying on the floor with this red square gift box on his head just rolling around singing silliness to himself. Of course, I inwardly giggled at that sight. But as I round the corner into the kitchen, there is The Boy drawing these complex charts at the table. I just burst out laughing and had to go poke my husband in the arm to point to the two boys and what they were doing. By the time hubby turned to look, Lil Bro had stood up and was standing there with the red box on his head laughing, too. Hubby totally cracked up. I'm sorry. It just totally got me up to have my figurative in-joke become a reality!

No had to be there!


Angela Marie said...

Hmmm.... I can hear you now calling "Smuckers Jelly! Can you please clean your room?"

I am giggling with you! You made me feel like I was right there with you in the room!

Wanda said...

Sweetie: I'm on the run...but had a chance to check my blog and see that you are checking in twice a day....what can I say. I didn't have time to read your post...will as soon as I get to friendly computer.
Thanks for your love and prayers.

Sarakastic said...

I was always upset that everyone else had my name, I would've given most anything for a name like Smuckers.

Darlene said...

Smuckers....Hmmmm? good name for a pet?!

lovin U
oxxo darlene

ellesappelle said...

:) No, that doesn't make you sound like a horrible mother, it's just plain funny! I giggled in the middle of a uni computer lab, felt kinda silly!

I was quite happy with my name, as long as people called me Allie. Alison always sounds a bit weird and grown-up to me! All the same, if my mum started calling me Allie I would have found it very weird.

Kendra said...

I love kid stories . . .those two are very precious ones!! he!

ukrainiandiva said...

I think that Smuckers Jelly is possibly the best name that I have ever heard. If I ever have a manchild, I shall make sure to call him such.

JenKneeBee said...

Smuckers Jelly is a rockin' awesome name! He'd definately be the coolest kid around :)

My middle name is actually Lynette and when I was little I always wished I could go by it instead of Jennie. WAY less common.