Thursday, March 15, 2007

Do You Ever Feel Funky?

Over the last week, The Boy has been asking hubby and I a question that is unsettling me because I can't figure out what he means. He's been asking us something to the effect of "Do you ever feel funky in life?" He's asked it a few different ways but that's the general gist of it. I told him that everyone probably feels funky now and then. I asked him what he meant by funky and it's usually just, "You know....funky!" Duh. I'm concerned it's a new feeling brought on by his TS and he's just not able to verbalize it.

But who knows, it could just be that his advanced little mind is over thinking "the world" and starting to realize, hey, this is a lot to take in! That'll make anyone feel funky. I'm thinking this because, yesterday, he asked me if I've ever wondered why we have life. He was getting frustrated trying to articulate his thoughts. But I'm gathering that he's doing a lot of thinking about the world, how it's created, why God made it all this way, why are we alive, etc. Man, I didn't start thinking that deeply until Maybe high school.

If he gives me any more insight into his funk, I'll be sure to pass it along.


Sarakastic said...

It took me to my 20's to figure all that out, well to even start thinking about it. I'm very impressed

Angela Marie said...

Oh my Gosh! HE is just too darn cute!

Do you ever feel funky?! Yes! Yes, I do! It's not usually a good feeling! I try to shake it off as soon as I am feeling it!