Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Allie's Home Made Meme

Here's a meme that Allie made up. Just 10 random things I think are the most.

1. Most Vocal-Cord-Shredding Song:
Let It Rise by Big Daddy Weave. I’m not saying that this is some screaming metal version of the song. I’m saying that this song just totally inspires me. I get so totally pumped listening to this song. I really can’t listen to it unless I’m alone in my house or car where I can crank the volume and belt it at the top of my lungs. One time, I kept hitting repeat on my way to small group. By the time I got to my pastor’s house, I could barely speak. Seriously, this song is probably my favorite worship song in the world right now.

2. Most Decadent Pie:
Chocolate Chess Pie. Or I like to call it, “Heart Attack In A Pie”. It’s butter, eggs, sugar & chocolate in a pie shell. Need I say more?

3. The Most Adorable Boys Ever (that came out of me):
Now that I avoided angering all the moms of adorable boys out there, I think you know who I’m listing here. Yup, Pokemon Boy and Lil' Bro. They still amaze me on a daily basis. No, probably on an hourly basis. Pretty much any time I'm not yelling at them, I'm staring at them in wonder. Yup. Them's my boys.

4. Most Fantabulous Parents:
Mine. If you recall from some 2007 posts, this is what last year looked like for them:
April-May – mom left dad, flew out here, cared for my kids, cooked, cleaned and held me together for 7 weeks. Dad decides they need to move out here to help me and my boys.
June – dad (who is almost 80 at the time) packs up his car and drives ALONE all the way from Florida to Virginia to get their house ready to put on the market.
July – mom finally heads to VA to help dad sell the house. They clean, purge & pack.
August – still purging and packing. Oh and house hunting out here through my realtor-friend.
September – they drive out here with the moving truck, their mini van bulging with stuff. They move into my development.
October – unpacking and setting up the new house. They take me and the boys out for dinner constantly.
November – they are my main backup for child care. They are my constant source of support. They take the boys as often as possible.
December – dad is in the hospital 3 times: twice for his heart and once with pneumonia.
Yah. My parents ROCK.

5. Most Amazingly Funny and Gorgeous Neighbors:
My Chick Nite Girls. If I didn’t think they’d shoot me, I’d post pictures of all of them. Back when I didn’t want to put my future ex through a wall, we used to joke that he hit the gold mine of neighborhoods. All of the ladies in my ‘hood are gorgeous. I love that most are brunette (and the ones that aren’t get the blond from a bottle, thank you very much). These ladies have bailed me out in my times of crisis. They have taken my children on a moment’s notice. They help my mom out when I travel. They all offered to help my parents move in or to help my parents at any time. We dish and laugh. But we also really really support each other. I’m not kidding when I say it is a very unique neighborhood.

6. Most Likely To Make Me Pass Whatever I’m Eating/Drinking Through My Nose:
This is really a tie. And not just a two way tie. The Princess of Pawtucket and Lisa McC regularly make me cry from laughter. Trish & Sarakastic’s blogs usually have me in stitches. And Jane on the phone – I’m usually dying!

7. Most Beloved City In Which I Don’t Currently Reside:
Boston. Hands down. Then London. Then San Francisco. Now, granted, I haven’t traveled the world – or even the U.S. – much. So that top three could very easily change once someone wants to step forward and fund my life of leisure and world travel. Anyone? Anyone?

8. Most Desired Travel Destination:
(International) New Zealand. And when I typed that, I pronounced it “New Zilland” in my mind. Allie has posted enough pictures to make me totally want to go here. Plus, I am hoping I can run into this guy while there.
(U.S.) Well, I keep bugging Jane about going to Las Vegas. And I do want to go there. But Jennie has me totally in love with Colorado. Those gorgeous mountainous pictures have convinced me. I need to take a 3 month vacation there.

9. Most Terrifying Concept:
Big haired, football-loving pageant-moms dressing me in formal evening wear with high heels and full makeup while forcing me to listen to their political views. Yup. That’s pretty much my idea of hell. [For any of you really nice pageant moms, that's just a joke.]

10. Most Time Consuming Guilty Habit:
This. Blogging and reading all of your blogs. I know some people think it’s for freaks. And we’re obviously not disproving that theory. However, I love this community of Awesome Blogger Chicks we’ve built here. I love reading your thoughts on life. I love watching the amazing love unfold on some of our sites. I am constantly amazed at the beauty and strength I witness in all of you. I love the cathartic nature of my typed purging. And I am bolstered by your comments and support. And where would I be without the lessons and pearls of wisdom from bloggers like Beck, Stacy, Trish, Sarakastic, and Allie? Not to mention the vocabulary expansion I’ve been forced into with all you pretentious writers tossing around your $7 words. Dang people. Lighten up. I come here to shut the thinker off. *I kid*

Ok. That's all I could think of. Rather lame. But I liked Allie’s home-made meme. Thanks for creating it!!


Beck said...

I think that every mother of boys is allowed to think that hers ARE the most adorable in the world, really - and yours ARE very, very cute.

Jane said...

Your boys are just so gorgeous. Liam looks just like you! I love your list too. I think I'm about due to shake up my blogging with some lists!

Stacy said...

That's a great meme (and you are so right about the pageant moms and your boys being absolutely adorable). I'll have to take this meme. Sometime after my venting about Lent post.

Trish Ryan said...

Am pulling out the hot rollers right now to dress you in pageant attire! What could be more fun? I'm not a pageant Mom, but I was Jr. Class homecoming queen in the rain one year--does that count???

Wanda said...

Enjoyed reading all your random things...but I suffer with the addiction of blogging...and I don't care!!! I love it!!!

Allie said...

Fantastic! I loved it.

5. You really do sound like you have the best neighbourhood ever.

8. I am so impressed by the New Zilland. :) Do come here! I will drop EVERYTHING to show you round! And I'm very good with children :)