Friday, February 08, 2008

Trish's Bloggy Smack Down And Other Thoughts I Thinked

Trish's Bloggy Smack Down:
It seems that Trish, in all her cold medicine stupor, threw down some kind of gauntlet in her last post. Apparently, my recent poke at pageant moms has stirred up the Baton Twirling Lioness in Trish. I hear bookies from coast to coast are already figuring the odds on our next confrontation. It really is hard to know who would meatloaf whom when you pit amazing hair, the perfect husband, a dog with questionable breeding, a savage sense of style, Baton Twirling and fringe against a voice that needs no microphone, cynical divorce humor, a larger than average head, two wikkid adorable boys and a great dye job. Who would win.

Trish, you're out of your head with cold meds and antibiotics. I forgive you. But really, that post was funny as hell. Meatloaf indeed.

My New Favorite Singer In The Entire Universe:
Holy guaca-freakin'-mole. I sent out an email to all of my Christian and/or musical friends asking them to list their favorite God/worship songs. I'm rather new to this whole Christian music scene. Well, newly returned, I should say. I left that kind of music behind in the late 80's. The players (most of them) have changed. And I don't know much of anything beyond regular rotation on KLOVE or what they sing in my church (the majority of which are Vineyard songs). I love all of that stuff. LOVE it. But I just don't know all that's out there.

Well my pastor (who is a youngster - well, younger than me) sent me a song for my list - 'How He Loves Us' by John Mark McMillan. First off, I found John's version out on YouTube where he explains how he wrote it the day after his best friend died. The story is very involved but extremely moving and inspiring. He talks about how he wants this song to start a youth movement. Oh it can. I have no doubt of that. Then he sings it, starting out in tears. Gah! I was crying. But the version my pastor sent me is by a woman Kim Walker. Good GRAVY people. This girl is stellar. Talk about God's gift to singers! And let me tell you, I've mentioned before I'm a vocal snob. So I don't toss praise around lightly. This girl has the CHOPS. Chops straight from God, dudes.

I have listened to this song multiple times every day since the good pastor sent me the link. I've had to reboot my machine often because multiple plays of YouTube tend to clog its arteries or something. Today I finally went to iBethel and ordered the CD that this song version is from. I also ordered Kim's solo CD. I'm also thrilled to see she is going to play in Dallas in May. Hear that Kendra? I'll be planning a trip up to see you. And I will drag you and Monica to see this girl!

Anyway, here's the video. She starts out low and kind of mellow. To the point I thought, "Ok, this is nice but..." But wait for it. Man, when it kicks in, WHEW! I heard this for the first time around midnight while I was researching songs for that music project I mentioned. I stopped everything. I just leaned back in my chair and was blown away. I wanted to just stand up in my office and start worshipping. Not sure why I didn't except that my shades were up and figured my neighbors might think I'd been drinking. *Kidding* Anyway, I hope you like it.

I hope God gets your blood pumping with this song as much as mine is right now listening to it as I type this.

And As For My Song List:
Oh, and as for my song list: right now I have 17 really strong inspirational songs. I keep hearing more. Heard about 3 off Mandisa's CD today that would be amazing to do. Almost everything I hear lately seems to inspire me. I'm going to end up with a list of like 952 songs I want this new project to do. But I figure, I'll keep compiling the list and then get the cast of characters pulled together and see which ones they get excited about.

So, if you have any songs that particularly move you, let me know. This project will be putting the message of God out there. It won't be my formerly watered down version of faith. I won't mince words. But I am totally open to secular songs that totally point me to God. I have a couple on my list so far. But if it has moved you and/or it totally rocks out and/or has an amazing rhythm and/or killer harmonies, let me know about it!

Rock on, my wonderful friends. Rock on.

I didn't walk today. In stead, I drove to Office Depot and got ink for my printer. Then I went to the Family Christian Store 2 doors down and got Mandisa's CD, a MercyMe CD and a Newsboys CD. But I will walk again. Oh I will be walking.


Patti said...

loved her version of the song. husband watched it too...

Kendra said...

Come on up, cuz!!! You are more than welcome at Vaughn motel any ol' time!! And I'm sure I'd LOVE to accompany you in May - you wouldn't even have to hog tie me! he!

Diane J Standiford said...

I love you commitment to this new found love---music/song moves us in ways nothing else can at times. Now, you will start singing, right? Opening in your church choir? (I apoloize if you are already involved...I'm just finding your blog.)

Jane said...

I think if "someone" put some Crisco on Trish's baton, it would be obvious that the goddess with the great dye job and 2 wikked cute boys would win....I'm not suggesting that the contest be rigged or anything..... LOL!

I'm loving the Kim Walker link you sent me :))