Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I've Got Good Blood

Well the blood work came back today. The nurse called and said everything came back normal - including the hepatitis test. YEAH! I'm not did yet. (Thanks to Allie for that one!)

We're still waiting on the parasite tests. I told them, yah, I've got parasites. But only two and they're very cute and loving and they make me laugh.

They didn't get it.

Nyuk nyuk.


Mary Ann said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! No hep!

Jane said...

Thank you GOD for giving the greatest woman on earth a clean bill of health!

Sarakastic said...

House MD made the same parasite joke when he told a women she was pregnant, i laughed then & I laughed now. Congrats on the good news!

Wanda said...

So glad the blood work came back clean!!!
My youngest daughter Jill who had the car accident in 1989 was infected with Hep. C with blood transfusions. They were check for aids back in 89, but Hep.C was a new strain, it they were not checking. She was on interferon (sp) for a year, three shots a week, and now 10 years later she is still in remission.
All of that to say ....by experience, I'm so thrilled your test came back clean!!!
Love and Hugs dear