Friday, October 10, 2008

First Sick of the Season

Well, I have to say, Pokemon Boy has been very healthy for quite a while. Even Lil' Bro has only been dealing with allergies. And me? I've actually been doing quite well, too. Haven't even had a migraine lately.

School started in August and I figured sending the boys off to their daily petri dishes we call school and day care would mean the start of non-stop sick. Nothing! Woo hoo!

Today, both boys were home. Pokemon Boy's school was out so I kept Lil' Bro home from day care. They entertain each other and I am able to work. It's a good deal.

Early in the afternoon, I started feeling that scratchy soreness in the back of your throat from sinus drip. I ignored it. Around the same time, Pokemon Boy told me his throat hurt when he swallowed. I got some decongestants in him and went back to work. I came down a couple of hours later to find Lil' Bro farting around by himself and Pokemon Boy laying on the couch - face flushed red, looking like he'd pulled an all-nighter.

Yup. Fever. Low but there. He has no school Monday either. So he's very upset that he'll spend a long weekend sick. So I said, well, you know we always run for the medicine as soon as we feel yucky. It rarely occurs to me to try something else first. So I went over and put my hands on him and just asked God for healing. To take away the sore throat, clear the nose and take the fever. Why is that always done after I've already poured all the other crap down his throat? I'm going to have to shift that.

Anyway, I've just wrapped up my work day. I'm going to go see how the boys are and convince them to go to bed early on a Friday night. Yah...good luck with that one!

Hope you're all well.


C. Beth said...

Oh, man, praying you're both healed and that Lil' Bro is protected from the bug. BTW, I love the new pic of him.

Wanda said...

Oh so sorry to hear the boys are sick and your throat is scratchy!!!

You are all in my prayers for a "Quick" healing from our gracious Father...


Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Someone linked me to your blog as I just posted about my son and I having Tourette Syndrome. I've enjoyed reading your latest posts and was cracking up that your pastor's name is Kenny - so is mine. Wouldn't it be crazy if it's the same person?

Jane said...

Yup, it's that time of year. Max never gets sick; Kendall just looks at someone and catches a bug.

I hope your boys stay healthy ;))

ellesappelle said...

Oh, poor kids. There is nothing more horrible than being sick during the holidays or when you don't have to be at school.