Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Haircut and God Rockin' the Meat from Heaven (via Omaha)

A Haircut for Lil' Bro:
Today was school pictures for Lil' Bro at the day care. So last night, I offered to trim his cute little mop top. He informed me he wanted a hair cut. One like Pokemon Boy. Are you SURE? I must have asked him about 952 times to be sure. He was sure. I finally gave in and gave him a crew cut. I have always let them choose their hair cuts (within reason). So I lopped off all that adorable moppage. *sniff*

As you can see, he's adorable no matter how much hair. But I do miss the mop.

God Rockin' the Meat from Heaven:
In one of the small groups Trish had right after mine, they were discussing miracles or signs from God. One person had been skeptical and had said something like a baked ham dropping from heaven might convince him. So I have often referred to miraculous happenings as a "baked ham from heaven."

In light of that little set up, my next praise report had me email Trish immediately.

Things here in Tourette's Mom Land are tight. This life is not a one-parent or one-income kind of thing. I have been finding ways to cut costs. Some more painful than others. I have spent weeks and/or days wrapped in anxiety, worrying over the potential loss of my house or entire life style. To the cost cutting end, I have been buying generic or cheap. Things that used to seem inedible to me in my snobby money-grows-on-trees days now seem like ambrosia. I have learned the hard way that, if you sneer at it, you can pretty much count on having to actually need it some day. It's just one version of the whole pride-before-a-fall story.

Blah blah blah = money is tight. Meat has become a luxury item or something I usually only get at my mom's house. I was starting to worry if I'll be getting enough protein in my boys' diets.

Last Sunday we prayed as a church for our selves. Individually. Pastor Kenny led us all in a prayer releasing all the worries over to God. Giving control of everything over to God. Releasing the fear. And in that prayer, I just asked for God to bless me. It was a very loose, all encompassing request. I didn't even know what I wanted. Just a blessing. Anything. Help me, God. Send me a blessing. Anything. It doesn't even have to be big. Just something.

On Monday, I ran into my next door neighbor - the gorgeous classy divorced woman I want to be some day. She informed me that she had a whole freezer full of Omaha meats that were going to go to waste and would I like them. (Insert me looking completely dumbfounded here) She just removed meat from her diet and she knew I liked to cook and thought maybe I could use the hot dogs, hamburger meat, steaks, chicken breasts, talapia and salmon that were taking up room in her fridge. Are you KIDDING ME?! All that was missing was an actual baked ham! Oh but there were pork chops. So I think that qualifies, right?

So not only does God provide some meat for me and my boys. But he provides top quality Omaha meats. And not just a little. But half a freezer full. And VARIETY!!!

I seriously laughed. I laughed as I drove home. When she dropped them off and I had to rearrange my freezer to fit all the boxes? I laughed. I emailed Trish about my Omaha meats from heaven. I called one of my head pastors to tell her because I was about to POP from sheer amazement and laughter.

Does God ROCK or what, people? Can I hear an 'amen'?!


Kendra said...

I love this . . meat from heaven!! Too cool. love you

Sarakastic said...


C. Beth said...

Oh, Lil' Bro looks adorable though I loved his mop top too. GREAT picture of both boys. It's odd because they have totally different expressions on their faces yet they both look like you in that pic. The new haircut brings out Lil' Bro's gorgeous eyes.

LOVE the meat!!!!!

Trish Ryan said...

Why do I doubt God's promises that he knows our every need and will provide? Why, why, why?

Honestly, he answered your MEAT prayer! Thanks for the reminder.

Amen :)

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, you need to re-write the lyrics to "Pennies" from Heaven.... You got the Meat!!

Paul said Get off the milk, and eat the meat... You are so scriptural!!

Love it all dear.... you are receiving the blessing of trusting him...

How I love to hear these stories.

Love and Hugs

Wanda said...

Oh I forgot..... The boys look darling, like twins.

Allie said...

And not just cheapo meat, you actually got salmon!
God rocks. And so does your neighbour.