Saturday, September 16, 2006

God Rocks!

So, back in spring of 2005, I had to decide whether to stay living in Boston or move to Austin. My whole family was going to be affected my MY decision. I was terrified of reading the signs wrong or adding the pros and cons wrong. I asked God which way to go but I just didn't ever get that giant blinking neon sign pointing to one place or the other. There were things pointing to both. The Cambridge church and my involvement there was almost my stop-issue. I was so afraid God was saying I belonged there. But I felt like there was a push to break some old descructive ties to Boston. So I went to Austin wondering if I had read God right or heard only what I wanted or what. Well, here's the confirmation and praise:
  1. I prayed for a realtor that wasn't a crook. I was terrified of getting someone just out for a commission - not caring what I bought. Well, I got the best integrity-filled guy and he's still a friend. He was very obviously God's answer to that one.
  2. I prayed for good neighbors - remember that one, Trish? I was just like, God, don't let me be surrounded by psychos. I mean, just nice quiet people who stay to themselves. I don't think it occurred to ask for God people. You have to see our little subdivision. I have neighbors that agree it's filled with just the nicest people. And the fact that there are big-time God people in here, you do the math.
  3. I prayed for a smooth house purchase. From the horror stories I've heard, we had the SMOOTHEST.
  4. I prayed for good Godly friends - assuming I'd find them at church. Yah, well, within a short time being here, one awesome neighbor and I connected and realized we're both praying God-people! Then, he plopped our 2 new best friends 3 doors down. And she had been praying for God to send her family to the right neighborhood. It's uncanny.
  5. I prayed for a good pediatrician - done. She's the bomb. Sweetest thing you've ever met. Totally proactive - totally a whole-person doc. LOVE her. So do the boys. They call her "Doctor Amy".
  6. I prayed for a good safe school & awesome teachers for The Boy. Honestly, we're in the best freaking elementary school. His teachers are just amazing and are taking this Tourette's thing on as a whole school. They are proactive and just make me want to cry when I think about it.
  7. I prayed for a good referral for The Boy's TS and they sent me to a psychiatrist. Of course, I was filled with doubt - that this would be the hack that doped The Boy up. Well, I should have known better - God sent us the best psychiatrist that really cares about The Boy and is committed to no meds unless absolutely necessary. We feel her diagnosis and plans for therapy are spot-on.
So, I'm thinking God has slowly been confirming that this was his place for us. And I'm wondering if it was specifically picked for The Boy's problem. I'm just thinking about how many of the above points would have been obstacles for this whole Tourette's thing if we were still in Boston. Not that there's not good help to be found in Boston. But I'm just saying, here? The help came and found ME. Anyway, it's just so good to know that the community we're in is so perfect to help us along with The Boy's TS.

Anyway, GOD ROCKS!!!

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Trish Ryan said...

I think it's hysterical that God made you a Christian in Boston, and THEN moved you to Texas :)

Hooray for the Frozen Chosen!