Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Teacher Conference

We met with The Boy's 1st grade teacher today, Ms. Gray. I am once again reminded how lucky we are to have her. She gave us a glowing report on The Boy. Academically, he's beyond his years. Socially, he's a 6 yr old. She suggested we recommend him for the TAG (accelerated) program. They test prospective students in January. I was concerned that the accelerated pace may be difficult for him to keep focus. But Ms. Gray is confident that he'll do great in it. At the worst, we try it and it's not a fit and no harm done. It was just good to talk to someone who has experience with it. He is definitely in the right place, with the right teacher.

Another nice thing was that she said she hasn't been seeing a lot of tics at school. So the combination of his being engaged, focused and happy must be the key. I saw a lot of the blinking and eye-rolling thing tonight at dinner. It's still something that many people over look. I know my parents have mentioned that they don't really notice much. So I am thankful for the lack of severity at this time!

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Trish Ryan said...

Ahem...you may just need to change the title of this blog from "A Tourette's Mom Page" to "Mother of a budding genius."

But that still won't account for Cai. What's the plural for genius? "Mother of Budding GENAI"??

Whatever. I can't even spell the fancy pasta. But you need a new blog title, that's all I'm saying :)