Monday, September 18, 2006

The Grandparent Factor

My parents got here last night. They drove from Roanoke, VA, to here. A few stops to see some relatives on the way, but that is one looooong haul for them. They are pooped, to say the least. Of course, the minute they got out of the car from their 4hr+ drive from Dallas, they were getting the The Boy & Lil Bro show. Truly no rest for the weary.

The Boy and Lil Bro are beside themselves with joy to have their grandparents here. The Boy - being the ever true-to-his age six-year-old - is saying/asking things like, "You're too old to play freeze tag, aren't you?" and "Why is that skin hanging down from your chin?" (My genius dad answered, "It's tired skin.") I remember wobbling the arm flab on my own dear Muzzy (mom's mom) and asking her what that was. I'm sure my grandkid will be asking why I have a mustache or why there are small farm animals hiding in my armpits. I have no idea but I'm ready for it.

The interesting thing about my parents being here is, I have barely seen tics in The Boy. I'll have to ask his teacher if she's seen any reduction this week. But I have read that when TS people are engaged and focused, they tend to tic less or less severely. I keep seeing that be the case with The Boy. I'm hoping we can find him that one activity - be it sport, music, art, whatever - that he will be able to use as his tic-free zone out.

We shall see. In the mean time, my boys, my husband and I are just enjoying having granparents around.

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