Thursday, October 12, 2006

An Aside: They don't KNOW from cold!

Just had to share. I went to my local huge-gantic grocery store today. I have, not surprisingly, made friends with 3 of the regulars behind the deli-meats counter. There is something to be said for when you walk up to the deli, they automatically pull the white American, the muenster and the beef balogna. And of course, on those rare occassions where I don't have both boys with me, I am peppered with "Where are the boys?"

I'm totally off point here.

So, Sweet-Lady-With-Five-Daughters is chatting me up and says, "Are you ready for the cold front tonight?" "Is that hitting tonight?" I ask. "Oh yes," I'm assured. "It's gonna get COLD tonight!" "Really? What's the predicted low?" I ask, knowing I'm about to get the definition of cold from a native Texan. "They say it's going to hit FIFTY!" I turn to Transplanted-Lady-from-Maine and say, "They think fifty is COLD!" and we laugh. If there was any poetic justice at my grocery store, someone from Canada would have walked up and shut me up. Canada KNOWS from cold.

But the Texan definition of cold still cracks me up. Give me a year or so. I'm sure I'll be shivering when it's 70!


Trish Ryan said...

I remember watching the season of MTV's "Real World: Boston" and thinking those guys were all wimps for complaining about the cold. I was living in Virginia at the time. Then I moved back north in the middle of January and wanted to send a handwritten apololgy note to every member of the RW cast!

Nope, we northerners don't want to hear about your chilly evenings :)

Kendra said...

You are right. We haven't a clue. I for one LOVE the "cold" in Texas! Yes, it feels cold, but a GOOD cold. A relief from the 100+ we've had type cold. Love it, love it, love it!