Thursday, October 26, 2006

An Interesting Dinner with The Boy

Tonight, hubby and I were feeling especially lazy when it came time to make dinner. Trust me, this is no new revelation. We always feel this way when it comes time to make dinner. But tonight, we were feeling whiney enough to actually throw financial prudence to the wind, pack up the kids and head to Luby's. I could write an entire blog about how much I love this place but I digress.

We got to Luby's, went through the cafeteria style line (yes, I said cafeteria-style, get over it), paid, got to our table and all dug in to our bounty. YUM! The Boy ate a little but he kept chewing a bite and then spitting it into his hand. Sometimes he does this if he took too big of a bite. Our usual response is, just put it on the side of your plate and take smaller bites, ok bud? Tonight, however, it wasn't just once or twice. I don't think he got more than a few bites to actually go down. He told us that he has to do it. His body was telling him to spit it out. Now, he and I have been feeling a bit punky in the GI tract for the last couple of days. So I just don't know if this is a tummy bug thing or a TS thing. I asked him if he thinks it's a TS thing but he wasn't sure. So hubby reminded him that he can control a lot of his other tics and he should give it a shot with this one. I thought that was pretty cool - because hubby suggested that very matter-of-factly. But he wasn't able to eat any more.

So a teeny part of me is worried. But the larger punky-GI-tract part of me is sympathetic and assuming it's the tummy bug. Once his intestines stablize, I'll have to keep an eye on this type of thing - to see if it happens again. I'm hoping it doesn't - hoping it's the tummy bug. Because, honestly, how would I get a kid to eat if his body is telling him to spit it all out? For now, I won't even GO there.

One hint that we're fine: he had NO problem eating his Jello!


Kendra said...

Oh, the Luby's jello!!! That pictures brought back memories! I used to LOVE getting that one. I do have to say that when my tummy isn't feeling up to par, it tells me to keep food out of my mouth as well. Hopefully that's the answer to that one!! You and Wright are doing a great job!

Trish Ryan said...

I'd hold out for the Jello too, if I were Liam - he's a smart kid!

"Punky in the GI tract" is my new favorite phrase for describing that feeling that something is about to happen that is best not described in public. Hope you're feeling better!

LEstes65 said...

Well, I'm going with the "punky in the GI tract" as the diagnosis for now. After I posted this last night, I developed nausea, muscle aches and a nice high fever (picture shivering under a comforter while it's like 78 degrees in the house). I'm taking the day off and my body isn't letting me eat anything either. Gack!