Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Taking on the "Tag"

Ok. Another non-TS aside: Trish has tagged me with a fun task and I have taken her tag.

She asked me to list "Five things I probably wouldn't mention at a cocktail party." As I noted on her site, I probably wouldn't be at a cocktail party unless the host was hip enough to consider Dr. Pepper as a cocktail. But that aside, yah, I can probably come up with 5 things that don't ordinarily cross the "small talk" boundaries. And honestly - as Trish already pointed out in her blog, is that really all we want to know about someone? Let me quote her here because she's just that quotable:
"We get caught up in the dullest conversations - 'What do you do?' 'Where did you go to school?' 'How old are your kids?' And we rarely move on to the juicy fun stuff that rounds out the edges of our lives and differentiates us from all the other people who share our job/school/rate of reproduction."

I doubt I can come up with anything that any of my regular members and readers didn't already know. And I must be careful here because there is a fine line between the task at hand and "too much information". No need to dredge up horrible past acts that will drive potential new friends away in droves. So I'll leave out my years spent as a dominatrix (for the record, mom, THAT'S a joke!).

  1. I'm a music lover that hates pretty much all radio except KLOVE. Now, to my Christian friends and family, that's not all that interesting. To my friends who knew me in the Boston rock & club scene, I think that would not only be interesting but highly amusing. While I was never a horribly debauched "scenester"...it wasn't exactly a sweet and loving persona I was putting out there. Anyway, I just don't have time to waste on music that isn't going to say something important or to lift me out of the valleys I periodically hit. (I say this as The Newsboys are singing "Amazing Love" on said radio.)
  2. Old news to most that know me but never fails to start a long and interesting conversation: I'm adopted and know my birth-family. That's a biggy and can still give me chills when I tell the story of how April (my birth-mom) found me.
  3. One of my "if money weren't an issue" dreams: to own and operate a country inn like the one in White Christmas. I would love to run a huge country inn in Vermont or somewhere like that. I'd have to hook up with someone who knows the business end. But I'd want to run the house and kitchen. Because you KNOW it would have a fabulous restaurant that would draw people off season. And it would be famous for the artery-clogging chocolate chess pie. And we'd have live entertainment - old school. I'd reincarnate Bing & Rosemary, man!
  4. One of my other "if money weren't an issue" dreams: to record all of my songs and a ton of hymns. I actually really want to do this one. I have a bunch of songs I wrote during my Boston music time that are just collecting dust. I'd love to record them with all of my musician friends as guest musicians. And I'd have my producer friends all do the production and my artist friends do the cover. Yah. I want to do that.
  5. And once I dropped that one, it would easily lead into the fact that I'm a singer who has done everything from singing to huge churches, opened for a big Boston hard rock band to a crowd of probably 3000, sang with the lead singer of said big band in a few Boston Rock Opera shows, to singing my lungs out currently at my church (apologies to the ear drums of those that sit in front of me). I've been Jacob Marley, Krishna, a drunken apostle, Simon Zealots, an activist, a priest, a Transylvanian, one of the 3 fates, one of 3 witches...it's been fun and nutty. That usually gets conversations going.

So Trish...how'd I do?


Trish Ryan said...

Brilliant, as usual :) (although you never told me about your time as a Transylvanian...is that in one of your songs???)

Book Steve & I as the first guests at your Inn, and keep the others out of my way when you bring out your chocolate chess pie!

LEstes65 said...

Transylvanian = chorus member in Rocky Horror (live stage show). But often, I was backstage, out of site, singing into a microphone to "help" the main performers sound better. I liken it to Debbie Reynolds in 'Singing in the Rain'. But not really.

Trish Ryan said...

Yes, I've often thought of the similarities between you and Debbie Reynolds...