Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

Just had to share that today is the 10th anniversary of Hubby's and my wedding.

Hubby said to me today, "Who would have thought back then that we'd be living in Texas in 10 years!" Yah, that was definitely not in the original plans. Two adorable boys weren't quite in our sites either. The "kids" thing was definitely still a "someday" plan back in 1996. Funny how at 30, I still thought I had plenty of time to ponder that one.

Ten years with one of the sweetest, kindest, most loyal men I've ever met. And he gave me two of the most wonderful boys in the WHOLE world.
The Boy & Lil Bro at the playground - circa Oct 2005
How'd I luck out, man? (Thank you, God!)


diane said...

Happy Anniversary Wright and Lynette! I thought about you guys today. It is so great to look back and see what your love has accomplished over the last 10 years. So blessed! We have enjoyed having your folks here. They left for Midland today but we are all going to hook up at Brenda's house this weekend.
Enjoy your weekend with your boys.
Love you both!

Trish Ryan said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
Glad to hear that the Texas adventure is treating your family well. We miss you here in Boston :)

Trish Ryan said...

Speaking of pictures...your photo from your profile is PRICELESS! How old were you when that was taken???