Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I Am Dork: Hear Me Roar

Today was nothing to blog home about. Meetings from 9am to 6pm. A working lunch. Bio-breaks (ie - let's all go loose our bladders) were given out grudgingly. A great group of people to work with. But even great groups of people can be too much when you saddle them with terms like "work session" and other pithy corporate catch phrases.

I took pictures of a bunch of them. But figured I didn't get any kind of release forms signed allowing me to shoot their images across the ether. So you will just have to use your imagination to picture Classy Leader Lady, Funny Facilitator Guy, Wikkid Smart Guy #1 and Wikkid Smart Guy #2, Quiet Smart Girl On Crutches, Funny Lady With Attitude and, yours truly: Comic Relief At End Of Table Girl.

Although, you don't have to use your imagination for me. Here are some shots to keep you happy. Because I can hear you all clamoring for more pictures of ME!!!


Mary Ann said...

I hope your evening is more fun!

Oh, and I do love the night balcony view of Boston. And your boots rock.

j said...

This is random, but I really like your rings. Very cute.

Trish Ryan said...

You're ready to kick some #$% in them there boots!

Sarakastic said...

You're boots are awesome, as is your ring, as is your new self proclaimed nickname. Pretty much you are the definition of awsomosity

Darlene said...

ohhhh, we always want more of you!

more more!

cute code names...funny actually...and when are you writing your book?

love to you LL
xo d

Wanda said...

You are such a cutie...that those boots ~~ to die for!! I noticed the rings too, Cool!!

I love when you post picture of are just too far away, and this brings you closer to me.

Love and Hugs

Allie said...

I would love to know what your colleagues thought when you started taking photos of your boot! :)